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Milpitas is a city located in Santa Clara County, about midway between San Jose and Fremont. Our area is often referred to as the “Crossroads of Silicon Valley” because most of our land rests between two major freeways. Although our area is a great place to live and work, many pests thrive in our warm, humid climate. Pests such as rodents, spiders, ants, and termites are common pest invaders in our area and often invade homes and businesses while foraging for sources of food, water, and shelter. The only way to keep your Milpitas property free of the many pests that call our area home is by working with the service technicians from Bay Pest to implement year-round pest protection plans. Our goal is to protect you and your property from pests through the use of high-quality products and advanced treatment methods. Stop pests in their tracks by reaching out to Bay Pest today. 

Residential Pest Control In Milpitas, CA

Common household pests such as mice, rats, ants, cockroaches, and spiders are attracted to homes that offer easily accessible sources of food, water, and shelter. Unfortunately, most Milpitas homes provide all the resources pests need to thrive. This is why you need professional home pest control services from Bay Pest. We work to target pest problems at their source and eliminate them as quickly as possible. With over 40+ years of experience providing effective pest control solutions, Bay Pest is the answer to your pest problems. We utilize Integrated Pest Management (IPM)  strategies to ensure current pest problems are dealt with and won’t return. Give our pest professionals a call today for more information about our effective, year-round pest control programs. 


Protect Your Milpitas, CA Property From Ants

a carpenter ant crawling on a flower in milpitas

Ants are one of the most common pests found in Milpitas properties. Although there are more than 1,000 individual ant species found throughout North America, only a few are known for invading residential and commercial properties. The most common ant species in Milpitas are odorous house ants, carpenter ants, and argentine ants. There are many reasons why ants might invade your property, but most commonly, they find their way indoors to forage for food and shelter when outdoor conditions are unfavorable. When it comes to preventing ants from getting into you Milpitas home or business, removing potential food sources goes a long way. Protect your property from ants with a few of the following ant prevention tips:

  • Store leftover food items in airtight containers or the refrigerator.

  • Never leave food out on your counters.

  • Pick up pet food after your pet is finished. Wash your pet's water bowl often, clean up spills, and if possible, store it when your pet doesn't need a drink. 

  • Clean crumbs off of your counters and floors.

  • Seal all possible entry points around the exterior of your property with caulk. 

  • Minimize sources of excess moisture.

  • Keep your trash cans sealed and stored away from your exterior walls.

Ants are not considered dangerous pests, but they can still cause many problems when they invade your Milpitas property. At Bay Pest, we’ve made it our goal to combat pest problems of all sorts of shapes and sizes. Contact us today to learn how we control and prevent ant problems.

Common Problems Bed Bugs In Milpitas, CA Cause

a bed bug crawling on sheets in milpitas california

Did you know that bed bugs can be found almost anywhere that humans are? These tiny pests are known for feeding on the blood of humans and hiding inside mattresses. Despite the common misconception that bed bugs are only found around bedrooms and living spaces, bed bugs are found in a lot of areas, including hotel rooms, movie theatres, malls, office spaces, schools, and airports. Bed bugs don’t spread diseases and are not dangerous pests, but they can still be a major problem for Milpitas property owners. Bed bug infestations can cause problems such as: 

  • Lack of sleep

  • Anemia

  • Restlessness

  • Stress

  • Anxiety

  • Frustration

  • Health issues related to abnormal sleeping

If bed bugs have taken over your home or business, your best option is to call the licensed service technicians here at Bay Pest. When you have a pest problem, we have you covered. Get in touch with us today to ask about all of our bed bug control options.

Commercial Pest Control In Milpitas

When you own a business, it’s your responsibility to ensure your customers are satisfied by providing them with excellent products and services. However, pest infestations can impact your ability to accomplish that goal by damaging your inventory, contaminating food items, spreading dangerous diseases, and disturbing your loyal customers. At Bay Pest, we provide the high-quality, customized commercial pest control services needed to protect your Milpitas business from the area’s toughest pests. Termites, rodents, cockroaches, and other pests don’t stand a chance against our skilled service technicians! Protect your customers, employees, inventory, and property from pests by getting in touch with Bay Pest today. We’re happy to work with you to find the right solution for your specific commercial pest control needs. 


Why Call The Pros If You've Seen Spiders Around Your Milpitas Home

Spiders are unwelcome intruders in our homes, but they’re a year-round problem that you should be aware of. When spiders infest, they lay their eggs around your home and spread quickly. While most spider species are no real cause for concern, some other local species pose more of a threat. 
Black widow spiders and brown recluse spiders are dangerous species that have poisonous venom. They inject this venom into their prey when they bite, and the reactions can be pretty severe. That’s why it’s so important to rely on professional spider control services.
Something else to think about is that spiders feed on household insects, so by addressing your spider control needs, you can manage other pest activity simultaneously. Your best protection from spiders is regular service from the pest professionals, and the team at Bay Pest is here for you. We provide comprehensive spider control and prevention services that guarantee year-round protection for you and your family. Give us a call today.


Is Your Milpitas Home Rodent Proof? 

If you’re wondering whether or not your Milpitas home is rodent-proof, you should consider all the attractants and entry points around the house that are bringing rodents to your property in the first place. Aside from reducing food, water, and shelter sources, addressing all entry points is essential. 
Think about access points such as small openings around the foundation and cracks and crevices in the walls and floorboards. Rodents often squeeze through spaces around vents and garage doors or find openings in and around the roof and chimney. They can enter through gaps around windows and holes/tears in window screens, not to mention they can access your home via water pipes, emerging through sinks, drains, and toilets.
Addressing all of these potential entry points will help you rodent-proof your home. These are some of the most common ways in which rodents get inside our homes, and sealing up these entry points can play a big part in protecting your home from infestation. Reach out to learn more about effective rodent proofing solutions.


Here's What Makes Milpitas Cockroaches So Dangerous

Cockroaches are very threatening pests that pose real health threats to those that come into contact with them. These filthy invaders crawl around in sewers and pipes and all kinds of garbage, picking up all types of bacteria and pathogens along the way. These germs and cockroaches’ ability to spread them is what makes them so dangerous.
When cockroaches contaminate your home or business, they leave feces, saliva and shed skin everywhere they go. These droppings contain allergens that pose a severe health threat to everyone who comes into contact with them and anything they’ve contaminated. Their presence can lead to a whole host of illnesses, such as salmonellosis, gastroenteritis, listeriosis, dysentery, cholera, giardia, E.coli infection, typhoid fever, and many others. 
The team at Bay Pest is experienced in the comprehensive treatment and prevention of cockroach activity all-around your property. If you want to protect your health and the health of those around you, we suggest reaching out to the pest experts. Call us today to get started.


Why Milpitas Homeowners Need Termite Protection 

While termites may be tiny, they can cause some huge problems. These destructive pests come with many consequences, and as a local homeowner, it’s important to consider these dangers. Here are some of the negative results of termite infestation:

  • Creation of large colonies that quickly spread around the property.
  • Feed on cellulose (including wood, cardboard, structural timbers, etc.).
  • Large-scale property damage that costs a fortune.
  • Overall weakening of the structure.
  • Widespread damage of personal belongings.

Another thing to keep in mind is that termite damage isn’t covered on most homeowners’ insurance plans. That leaves you in even more of a financial nightmare, and it can be overwhelming to deal with on your own. The good news is that we’re here to protect you. 
In order to avoid the detriments of termite damage, it’s a good idea to secure termite protection from the pest professionals. Bay Pest provides dependable termite control and prevention services that protect your property from these wood eaters all year long. Contact us today for a detailed quote, and we’ll get the ball rolling as soon as possible.


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