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Don’t Let The Bed Bugs Bite In Your Bay Area Home

Bed bugs are not just the topic of a children’s nursery rhyme; they are real pests that infest homes and businesses worldwide. With a resurgence in infestations in recent years, it’s likely that your Bay Area home or business could end up with a bed bug infestation. If you think it’s already happened to you, immediate action is necessary.

Bed bugs reproduce quickly (females can lay five eggs per day!), and are very resilient. To nip an infestation in the bug, you'll need professional help – and fast! Our treatment methods rapidly eliminate bed bugs, so you can rest easy!

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Our Bed Bug Control Offerings


Bed bugs require a bed bug specific treatment, so it is important that we first ensure your infestation is, in fact, bed bugs and not another pest. We’ll inspect the areas where we most often find bed bugs and look for the signs they leave behind, such as bloodstains, fecal matter, and shed skins. We’ll also talk to you about what you’ve experienced, including whether you’ve been bitten.


If bed bug activity is confirmed, we’ll discuss your treatment options with you before proceeding. We offer three methods of treatment and will recommend one based on the severity of your infestation:

  • Chemical: If you have a smaller infestation, chemical treatments are an effective, money-saving way to small, localized bed bug infestations. You’ll need to remove the sheets from all beds and take your beds apart before our arrival. We’ll then treat all cracks and crevices, areas where we’ve discovered the activity, and all affected areas.
  • Heat: Heat treatments are ideal for larger infestations. These treatments typically take a full day to complete but work immediately to eliminate your bed bug infestation. We bring large heaters inside, and the building is brought up to and held at a lethal temperature to the bed bugs. Because heat can penetrate the walls, this method eliminates any bed bugs that are hiding. We subcontract out this service.
  • Fumigation: For severe, widespread infestations, we offer fumigation services. Our fumigation service takes four days, during which time you’ll need to vacate your home. Before the service, we’ll provide you with a prep sheet of things that you must do to get the building ready for the fumigation.


Our bed bug control comes with a 60-day warranty. If bed bugs return during this time, we’ll also return to re-treat.


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