Your home is perfect—not just for you, but for mice as well. Inside your home is everything a little mouse could want: food, water, and places to hide. You might think the first two are the most important, but they aren't. A mouse can live in your home even if there isn't a crumb of food or a drop of water to drink. Mice can go outside to grab a bite to eat and come back home after a long, hard day of catching bugs and drinking from puddles. One reason you might think mice are hard to get out of your home is that you don't realize they may be going out all the time. The problem is that they come back. This is where we are going to start our article today. Here's what you need to know about mouse infestations in San Jose.

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House Mice Love Your House

When a field mouse gets into your home, it becomes a house mouse. This isn't just a change of name. The mouse learns that your home is so much better than living in a field. And you will have a hard time convincing that mouse that it is wrong. While you can seal your food in plastic containers, keep food particles cleaned up, and address leaks to remove water sources, it may not be enough to get rid of mice. The only effective way to manage mouse populations is trapping and removal. It is important to hire a professional to do this. There are many pitfalls when it comes to trapping mice. This is where we are going to go next.

It Is Hard To Trap A Mouse

If you've already tried to trap mice and you haven't been able to catch a single mouse, we know why. Mice are equipped to avoid being trapped.

  • Mice are nervous about new items placed in their environment. If you put a trap down in an area that a mouse has passed through before, it is likely to avoid the trap.

  • Mice can smell you on the traps. If you handle traps, you can put the oils from your skin on them. If a mouse smells you on the traps, they're going to avoid them.

  • Mice don't have a preference for cheese. If you've watched a lot of cartoons, you may think that mice love cheese. The truth is that they prefer nuts and seeds. Cheese is not a strong attractant.

  • Mice don't explore every inch of every room. If you place a trap in the middle of a room, you won't catch a mouse. As you read that, you may have thought, "I would never leave a trap in the middle of a room." But you might leave one in the middle of a cabinet space, or in the middle of an attic space. If you do, you'll have a harder time catching mice.

When your traps fail to catch mice, you may turn to a professional for assistance. This is good. Professionals know what traps to use and how to deploy them effectively. But what often happens is a homeowner might capture one or two mice and think they resolved their problem. We hope you don't do this. Mice can live inside your home without making any noise. When you fail to get rid of all the mice in your home, they can quietly continue to present a threat to your health and property.

It's Hard To Keep Mice Out

If you get rid of every mouse inside your home, you can still have trouble with mice if you don't seal your exterior walls and foundation. Exclusion should be a part of your mouse control. But it isn't easy sealing mice out of your home. An adult mouse can squeeze through an opening that is as tiny as a dime. And when they find a hole that is too small to squeeze through, they can sometimes chew on it until it is large enough. It is important to seal every hole, no matter how small it is.

Rodent Control In San Jose

When you discover mice in your San Jose home, contact Bay Pest. Our professionals know how to get control of mice and rats. We use trusted products and methods to ensure effective control. Reach out to us today to learn more or to schedule service.


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