Has anyone ever said to you, "What could go wrong?" Often, this is offered in a tongue-in-cheek manner. The implication is that a lot can go wrong. It seems appropriate to offer up this sarcastic comment when considering DIY cockroach control. What could go wrong? A lot actually. Here's what you should know.

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You're Probably Not Going To Get The Results You Want

Most Bay Area homeowners are not licensed and educated pest control technicians. It is also fair to say that most Bay Area homeowners are not plumbers. When your boiler starts leaking, or a pipe bursts, you're probably going to have a knowledgeable professional take a look. If you've dealt with plumbing issues before, you know that it is best to have a professional make sure everything is properly fixed. When cockroaches start showing up in your home, you might consider dealing with them on your own. But cockroach control is a science. If you don't perform treatments correctly, cockroaches will survive your treatments.

Cockroaches Are Equipped To Survive

  • A cockroach can create a skin that is resistant to any harmful chemicals they find in their environment. If you use pesticides to kill roaches, you could create super roaches that are resistant to the pesticides you used.

  • Cockroaches reproduce quickly. If you eliminate some roaches in your home, it might make you feel like you're winning the battle. We assure you that you are probably not.

  • Cockroaches are drawn too tight spaces. If you apply a pest control spray, it won't get into the places these insects are hiding.

  • If cockroaches sense danger, the group will respond to the threat by avoiding it.

  • A cockroach can survive for forty minutes underwater. If you take a hose and try to drown cockroaches in your yard, that will only soak your soil and make it more attractive to cockroaches. There is no possible way you're going to drown a roach.

When Your DIY Fails, You Probably Won't Know It

Cockroaches don't prefer to be seen. Only a few roaches have a personality trait that makes them bold enough to cause them to be seen. In fact, seeing one cockroach is evidence that there are thousands of cockroaches in your home. If you're seeing lots of cockroaches, it's bad. Really bad.

Life Is More Difficult With A Cockroach Infestation

If you have cockroaches in your home, whether you know it or not, you're going to be impacted by them. Cockroaches are dirty pests that live and breed in rotting organic material and feed on things that are extraordinarily unsavory. A roach would much rather eat something that is rotting rather than dine on fresh food. They also feed on animal and human feces. This makes cockroaches vectors for illness.

  • Cockroaches contaminate stored food, dishes, silverware, and surfaces with bacteria and harmful parasites.

  • Cockroaches shed particles that can increase hospitalizations for asthma sufferers.

  • Cockroaches can cause rashes as they move across the skin.

  • Cockroaches can bite and leave swollen wounds.

  • Cockroaches produce a smell that is unpleasant.

  • Cockroaches cause fear for some. This can lead to issues of sleep deprivation.

  • Cockroaches reproduce like crazy. Given the right conditions, it won't take long for cockroaches to overrun your home. When they do, all of the above issues will increase.

Cockroach Control Is A Lot Of Work

When done right, it takes effort to treat a home for cockroaches and to monitor for cockroach activity. If you have the team here at Bay Pest treat your home for cockroaches, we do all that hard work for you. And not only do we do the work, we do it right the first time. You won't waste money along with all your time and energy. Our licensed professionals use field-tested methods and EPA approved products to eliminate cockroaches and track cockroach activity. When we give you the all clear, you can rest easy. You won't have to wonder if cockroaches are still hiding in your walls and making you sick. For more information or to schedule service, reach out to us. We here to help.


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