Multiple species of termites are attracted to Bay Area homes for different reasons, including wooden construction and environmental factors like humidity and soil. Controlling for each of these factors can be difficult, so it may seem like you’re fighting an uphill battle against termites.

Because the three most common species in the Bay Area are so different from each other, termite identification is essential to using the right solution for termite control. Keep reading to learn more about these different kinds of termites, why they’re so hard to get rid of, and why it’s necessary to control them.

many termites tunneling through wood
termite damage on a wall inside a house

Why It Is So Hard To Get Rid Of Termites In Your Bay Area Home

There could be a few explanations for why your home termite control regimen isn’t getting rid of your infestation. The first and most likely explanation is that upon seeing evidence of termite damage, you turn to do-it-yourself spot treatments that will never take care of an entire infestation, though they may slow down the rate of destruction. The best way to get rid of termites is by fixing the root issues.

Another possible explanation is that you aren’t applying the correct solutions for the termites you have. Not all termites are built alike and look for the same things in a home to destroy. This is why termite identification is an essential aspect of termite control. Subterranean termites get into your home and stay healthy through your soil.

Drywood termites can come into homes through infested furniture or climb trees and settle into attics. Dampwood termites are more common in structures near the water, destroying wood affected by coastal winds or weather, or simply poor maintenance affecting the integrity of the wood.

A termite problem, no matter the species of termite, requires a solution specific to their species, but it also requires homeowners to fix the factors that are attracting the termites, either through pest control or diligent home maintenance.

What Attracts Termites To Bay Area Homes?

There are a few risk factors for homes that may increase the likelihood of a termite problem. Controlling for these factors is half of the battle, so keep an eye out for these home maintenance issues:

  • Overly moist soil

  • Soil that contacts wood siding

  • Overhanging tree limbs

  • Cracks and open holes in the foundation

  • Water-damaged wood

  • Buried or neglected wooden structures

  • Abandoned tree stumps

  • Exposed structural timber

  • Leaking pipes, poor drainage, and indoor moisture issues

  • Garden mulch near the foundation

It’s easy to hate termites for the damage they do, but they’re an essential part of our ecosystem, decomposing wood that needs its nutrients returned to the Earth. They don’t know the difference between wood that is helpful to eat and wood that is not, so it’s your job as a homeowner to help them know the difference.

Why Termite Control In The Bay Area Is Necessary

With this many risk factors for termites, each home is at risk of infestation. Termites expand from one colony to many, from a few to millions of members, and it’s easy to travel from house to house. If one person neglects their termite control, the colony can grow and expand to neighborhoods far and wide.

A small colony of around 60,000 can destroy, according to some reports, around two feet of wood a year. A mature queen can lay thousands of eggs a day and live for 35 years. If allowed to reproduce at such a monumental rate, the existing colony can destroy a home while still expanding to unsuspecting neighbors.

Can You Get Rid Of Termites In The Bay Area Without Tenting?

We know that tenting can be scary. It’s essentially spraying your entire house with a potent poison. Thankfully, the best way to get rid of termites has advanced beyond tenting alone. With Bay Pest Solution Inc., we use a three-step process to create a barrier around your home, protecting it from termites at every entry point.

While we will kill localized populations of termites, we’ll also create a no-go zone around your foundation with termiticide-filled holes and a trench that will deter them from re-infesting. Termites traveling through the soil to reach your home will take the poison and spread it to the existing colony. Drywood termites may require another solution like tenting, but Bay Pest Solution Inc will make sure to use the best method of treatment in the safest way possible for your home.

If you see evidence of termites, don’t wait - Call Bay Pest Solution Inc. at the first sign. Protect yourself and your neighbors from a population of millions, destroying homes and upending families.


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