Not only are spider webs a nuisance, but they can be disconcerting for those who really don’t like spiders. Whether inside or outside, different house spiders have ways of making webs that suit their hunting style, so not all spider webs will look alike. While there are a few dangerous spiders in the United States, spiders are not insects, and therefore unlikely to carry any diseases that would be a threat to you. While every spider has venom and is capable of biting, only those small few are capable of causing humans any harm.

While spiders are not insects and may be helpful to the ecosystem outside of your home, their presence is an indication of something going wrong around your home that you may want to be aware of. For those who are seeing different house spiders and wondering how to get rid of them, read on to learn about common house spiders, why they enter local homes, and what to do about them.

a spider in its web outside
a black widow spider in its web indoors

How Many Spiders Are In The World?

Spiders are a diverse species of big, small, harmless, deadly, cute, and terrifying. With around 45,000 known species, the likelihood that you’ll run across a dainty jumping spider is about as likely as running across a wolf spider. The types of spiders you’ll likely find around your home, however, are almost always the harmless kind. For the Bay area, the types of spiders you’ll see in and around your home may look dangerous, but common house spiders in this area are just bigger and more colorful, not necessarily more problematic.

One common Bay area spider is large and scary looking and may come across as more hazardous than it is. Tarantulas are generally dark brown or black and hairy all over. They may be quite large, but Bay area tarantulas won’t cause any real harm with a bite. With pain equivalent to a bee sting, their bites may be uncomfortable, but they are mostly harmless. If you see a tarantula, do not pick it up, as the hairs on its abdomen may also embed in the skin and cause irritation. This species does not make webs but will guard the entrance of their burrows with silk to capture prey.

A more dangerous variety of spider likely to be seen in the area is the black widow. Black widows are glossy black with spindly legs and the famous red hourglass on their abdomens. Some black widows can be light brown or have yellowish hourglasses and spots on their backs. The abdomen of the black widow is quite large and round compared to the rest of its body, and the female does not have any hair. Black widow webs are messy and often located in tucked-away corners and woodpiles.

What Keeps Spiders Away?

No matter the threat level, all spiders are attracted to a home for the same reason. No spider needs to come indoors or hang out around the home for shelter. If there are spiders everywhere around your home, it’s because you have an insect problem. Similarly, if you’re not seeing spiders but are seeing a lot of spider webs, then you have spiders.

Having spiders everywhere may not be ideal, but all spiders are likely to react to the same methods of prevention. To persuade the spiders around your home to go away, try these steps:

  • De-web regularly.

  • Take care of the pest prey problem by practicing sanitation and good yard maintenance.

  • Don’t leave porchlights on that will attract pest prey at night.

  • De-clutter and vacuum regularly. Also, if you must have storage boxes, make sure they are sealed plastic.

  • Seal holes, cracks, and crevices around the home with silicone-based caulk.

  • Install door sweeps and make sure your doors and windows properly seal.

  • Make sure your window and door screens are well-maintained and have no holes.

Remember that spiders respond to a robust insect population, so keeping pest prey insects away from your home is the best method of keeping spiders away. For pest prey or spiders, the best response to clear your home of nuisances is to receive our professional spider control service.

How To Get Rid Of Spiders

If proper sanitation, home maintenance, and prevention methods don’t work, it’s time to call Bay Pest Solution for more advice or assistance. Sometimes a stubborn insect population needs expert help and advice to treat the high-risk areas of your home that may be going unseen and untreated.

At Bay Pest Solution, we have customizable pest control plans that will suit your specific level of need. If you decide you don’t need our service, you are entitled to free cancellation. Our results-driven practices are guaranteed to get you results, so for fast and effective service, call Bay Pest Solution to request your free estimate.


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