Effective Pest Control In Pittsburg, CA

An industrial suburb that’s located in the East Bay, Pittsburg is located right where the Sacramento River flows into the Suisun Bay. Our location on a crucial river delta makes Pittsburg a scenic and important suburb of the Northern California region that’s exploding in terms of population and economic growth. But close proximity to the water also brings swarms of pests to our doorsteps. Learning how you can prevent pest problems from moving in will help you stay protected from the larger dangers they pose. 

Home Pest Control In City, CA

River towns enjoy the scenic beauty and plenty of outdoor recreation, but they are also attractive to pests. That’s why every Pittsburg homeowner needs to learn how they can reduce their risk of an infestation. Here are some tips for how you can protect your home:

  • Food storage: Pests can detect food sources from far away, which is why you need to take care not to leave food out. Store it in secure locations and in airtight containers that can’t easily be chewed through.  
  • Moisture control: Pests are also attracted to areas with moisture, which is why Pittsburg’s proximity to water is important. You can do your part by reducing water buildup in your yard and around other parts of your property. 
  • Inspections: The best way to make sure pest problems aren’t going unnoticed is with a thorough inspection by a pest professional. Contact Bay Pest today to learn more. 
  • Treatments: Everyday housekeeping and maintenance only go so far. To truly protect your home from invasive pests, let experts treat your yard and exterior with safe and effective solutions. 

Pittsburg’s Guide To Flea Identification & Removal

cat flea on fabric

Everyone knows they can be itchy nuisances, but fleas are also dangerous health hazards. Even homes without household pets can wind up with a flea infestation. These biting parasites will go just about anywhere there are people or animals to feed on, which is why it’s important for everyone to know how to properly identify and remove fleas. Here are some tips:

  • Inspections: Fleas are incredibly tiny, but they actually can be seen with the naked eye. These brown bugs are easier to spot on light-colored fabrics or within lighter fur. You should inspect yourself, your loved ones, your pets, and any used items before they come back inside from outdoors. 
  • Eggs: Don’t forget to also check for flea eggs, too, not just the bugs themselves. These light-colored grains can easily be mistaken for dandruff or lint. 
  • Treatments: While certain treatments can lower your risk of getting bitten by fleas, the only way to truly get rid of them from your property is with thorough removal services by pest professionals. Contact Bay Pest to learn more. 

Five Bed Bug Control Tips For Pittsburg Homes

bed bug on mattress

Just like fleas, bed bugs can happen to anybody. If you don’t know what to look for and how to avoid them, you might easily introduce a bed bug population to your own home. That’s why we’ve put together this list of handy control tips for you:

  1. Item checks: Bed bugs cling to items such as luggage, handbags, and clothing, hitchhiking their way into homes. After spending time in areas where bed bugs might live, carefully check any items before bringing them into your home.
  2. Used items: Unlike their name suggests, bed bugs can really be found anywhere there is linen and cushioning to burrow into. Pay extra attention to used items before purchasing them, as this is another frequent way bed bugs are introduced to homes. 
  3. Hotspots: Because they hitchhike, bed bugs often end up in public spaces or businesses where a lot of people gather. When traveling through hotspot areas like hotels, hospitals, and transit stations, be sure to take care to look where you sit and set down your belongings. 
  4. Inspections: Only experts know all the places bed bugs like to hide — both the bugs themselves and their eggs. That’s why an inspection of your home by experts is the best way to sleep soundly, knowing you don’t have a bed bug problem. 
  5. Treatments: If bed bugs are discovered, don’t waste time on products that likely won’t work. Only expert solutions, administered by trained professionals, are guaranteed to fully eliminate a pest problem. Contact Bay Pest today to learn more about our effective bed bug solutions. 

Commercial Pest Control In City, CA

Everything pest-related takes on a new significance for business owners. Not only can pests pose direct harm to your property and the daily operations of your business, but they can also lead to a loss of a good reputation in your community. That’s why proper pest control is a wise business investment. But you don’t have to go it alone! Instead, contact Bay Pest today to see how we can help shield you from these serious pest problems:

  • Damage: From stains and bite marks to damage to structural building materials or utilities, the problems pests can cause are often a lot more expensive than simply investing in proper pest control from the get-go. 
  • Disease: A pest population on your property can expose you, your employees, and your customers to dangerous pathogens like salmonella or hantavirus. 
  • Penalties: For many businesses, a pest problem can mean fines or forced closures from local health authorities. Avoid this loss of revenue by addressing pest problems before they become obvious.  

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