When bed bugs get into your home, they won't just have you scratching all the bites they'll leave on your skin. They could have you scratching your head and wondering how they got in, especially if you've invested in year-round pest control for your San Jose home. The routine treatments applied to the outside of a home are effective at keeping a wide variety of pests out. But bed bugs don't live outside in your yard. They are almost exclusively indoor pests. They don't explore your exterior and come in through gaps and cracks, so exterior treatments will do nothing to protect you from a bed bug infestation. If you already know this, there are other ways you may be confused by a bed bug infestation. Today, we're going to discuss some misconceptions about bed bugs and give you some insight into how you got bed bugs, or how you might them if you don't have them already.

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Do You Know That People Carry Bed Bugs Into Homes?

Yes. This is true. But there are some misconceptions that could make you think that you should be protected from bed bugs.

Dirty people. If you've heard that bed bugs only target dirty people, you've heard wrong. These insects aren't attracted to dirty people. They'll get onto anyone. The cleanest person in the world can bring bed bugs into your home.

Travelers. If you've heard that bed bugs live in hotels and motels, you might think that only travelers will bring bed bugs into your home. But bed bugs can feed on people who are fully awake. This allows them to be in many businesses that do not offer sleep accommodations.

Family. The last person you would expect to bring bed bugs into your home is someone in your family, but a family member who visits you may not know that they have an infestation in their home, or that they picked bed bugs up along the way. If you have an elderly family member visit, you need to be aware that a high percentage of seniors have little or no allergic reaction to bed bug bites. This can make it even more difficult to notice the signs of a bed bug infestation. If all this isn't bad enough, it is possible for someone in your home, or you yourself to pick bed bugs up while outside of the home.

Do You Know That Bed Bugs Hide In Beds?

Of course you do. The word "bed" is in the name. If you purchase a used bed frame, mattress or boxspring, it could lead to a bed bug infestation. But beds aren't the only places bed bugs hide.

Couches and chairs. Bed bugs don't have to wait until you're sleeping to feed on you. They can get a blood meal from a fully-awake human. This is why couches and chairs are common locations for bed bugs to hide. If you purchase a used couch, chair (even office chairs), be sure to do an inspection for bed bug warning signs, such as black specks, black blotches, shed skins, brown stains, white eggs, or the scent of bed bug pheromones.

Other furniture. Bed bugs can hide in any furniture that has voids, gaps, or cracks. They're known to get into bed stands, dressers, coffee tables, and more.

Electronics. Bed bugs are drawn to electronic devices, especially devices that are near a bed, couch, or chair. They have been found in everything from alarm clocks to computers.

Bags. One of the first places you should look for bed bugs is in duffel bags, pocketbooks, book bags, suitcases, and other carriables. These are often targeted by bed bugs and they are easily transported from one place to another.

Laundy. Bed bugs are strongly attracted to items that have been worn. They can get into pockets and seams.

The Big Picture

Are you starting to see how it works? There are many unexpected ways bed bugs can be transported into your home. No home in the Bay Area is excluded. Learn to inspect for bed bug activity and learn what areas tend to be hot spots for bed bugs. This can help you prevent an infestation.

If you find bed bugs in your home and you live in San Jose, reach out to Bay Pest. Our licensed professionals know what is required to eliminate these insects, and we can help to protect you from future infestations.


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