The Troubles With Bed Bugs In The Bay Area

February 3, 2024

The reason that bed bugs in the Bay Area are so troublesome is that their sole source of nutrition comes from the blood of warm-blooded animals. Unfortunately, our blood is a bed bug’s favorite food source. Because we provide them with their favorite food source, it makes sense that they like to live where we do. Bed bug infestations cause stress, sleep deprivation, and irritation, as they are among the most unpleasant and difficult-to-eliminate pests. Luckily, the professionals at Bay Pest are here to provide helpful information about these pests, effective bed bug removal, and ongoing support.

bed bugs on a mattress

Visual Clues: Identifying Bed Bugs By Appearance

Like other insects, bed bugs have six legs and three segmented body parts: the head, thorax, and abdomen. Below is a quick overview of some of their more unique physical characteristics that help identify bed bugs:

  • Size of an apple seed
  • Short, segmented antennae
  • Wingless
  • Reddish-brown before feeding
  • Dark reddish-purple after feeding
  • Flat, oval bodies that allow them to hide out of sight

The easier and faster you can identify the presence of bed bugs, the quicker you can reach out for help to eliminate the infestation. If you are unsure of what type of insect you have in your home, never hesitate to contact us for assistance. Our professionals are happy to help and accurately identify the pests plaguing your home. 

Bed Bug Infestations: The Problems These Pests Cause

When bed bugs get into our homes, they usually do so by hitchhiking. Bed bugs live where we live and spend a lot of time, in places like airports, hotels, movie theaters, libraries, and schools. It is quite common to unintentionally come into contact with them and introduce them into your house. 

Once inside your home, they quickly find daytime hiding spots that put them near their sleeping hosts. Some of their favorite hideouts include cracks in wooden headboards and footboards, behind wall hangings, inside electrical outlets, behind wood trim, and under clutter. 

Bed bug infestations are more than inconvenient; they pose significant problems. Unlike other blood-feeding pests, they aren’t known to transmit diseases to people. However, those allergic to bed bugs develop a raised, itchy red rash. Scratching at bed bug bites can lead to secondary infections that require medical attention. 

Another big concern regarding bed bugs is their ability to cause a lack of sleep. It is understandably difficult to get sound sleep when you know you are sharing your home with biting bed bugs. Lack of sleep can add stress to your days and negatively affect your mental health. 

The Secret To Effective Bed Bug Control In The Bay Area

The secret to effective bed bug control in the Bay Area is to partner with a professional. While you may be tempted to remove these pests from your home alone, DIY bed bug control is ineffective. All bed bugs must be found and treated, or the infestation will thrive. 

By reaching out to Bay Pest for bed bug control, you can ensure that all the bed bugs in your home are identified and treated and the infestation is completely eliminated. We offer our customers a variety of bed bug treatment options, including chemical, heat, and fumigation. Which option we use will be based on the severity of the infestation and your home and family’s unique needs. Learn more about effective bed bug treatments by reaching out today; we are here to help you solve all your pest control needs.  

Tips To Prevent Bed Bugs From Coming Back

Once you remove bed bugs from your home, the last thing you want is for them to return. To help you prevent a future bed bug infestation, here are some helpful prevention tips: 

  • Partner with us at Bay Pest and schedule regular bed bug inspections for your home.
  • After returning home from travel, immediately wash and dry all clothing taken and thoroughly clean out suitcases and bags. 
  • Before bringing personal items into a hotel room, inspect it for bed bugs.
  • Regularly vacuum your home to remove stray bed bugs before they multiply, creating a large infestation. 
  • Place bed bug-proof covers on mattresses and box springs, eliminating one of their favorite hiding spots.
  • Keep your home organized and remove excess clutter.
  • Avoid purchasing secondhand furniture for your home. Bed bugs often hide in upholstered furniture. 

Contact us today to learn more about bed bug control near you. We are here to help you remove bed bugs from your home and meet all your other home pest control goals.

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