The Easiest Way To Get Rid Of Subterranean Termites In The Bay Area

Subterranean Termite crawling on the ground.

If you have active termites crawling around your property, you must act fast before they have time to cause significant structural damage to your Bay Area home. Today we’ll discuss what attracts termites to residential properties and what you can do to deter them. If you’re ready to experience life without the stress of pest problems, turn to the professionals from Bay Pest! We work hard to provide the most effective pest control in the Bay Area. Don’t wait for termites to destroy your home and threaten your peace of mind. Instead, contact Bay Pest today to learn about our termite removal services.

Subterranean Termites: Assessing Their Feeding Habits

Subterranean termites are the most common species of termites to invade residential properties in our area. An infestation may begin when termites nest in your yard or a neighboring home. These destructive pests live in the soil and enter homes while foraging for a source of food. Unfortunately, termites eat cellulose, a material found almost exclusively in organic materials such as cotton, paper, and, you guessed it—wood. Many homes are built out of wooden materials, making residential properties a prime target for hungry termites. These tiny insects cause damage quickly due to their habit of working and eating non-stop. They don’t sleep. They don’t rest. Instead, termites constantly work to feed, build, and protect their colonies 24/7. The most effective way to protect your home from these wood-eating pests is with a termite treatment plan from Bay Pest. 

Do Termites Eat Particle Board?

Termites are known for eating through wooden structures within a short timeframe. Naturally, many Bay Area residents wonder what other materials these tiny pests can eat through. One such material is particle board. After all, particle board is made from compressed woodchips, sawdust, and other types of wood-based components. This material is also prone to absorb a lot of moisture. Termites love eating particle board for these two reasons. These frustrating insects are highly attracted to moist wood, which is why minimizing moisture problems in your home can help deter termite activity. 

How To Get Rid Of Subterranean Termites Without Tenting

No one enjoys finding termites in their home. This is why you may want to find a way to prevent termites from taking over your property before they invade in the first place. To avoid attracting termites to your Bay Area property, consider implementing the following termite prevention tips.

  • Inspect wooden furniture for signs of termite damage before bringing them into your home.
  • Install screens on your doors and windows and replace them once they’re damaged.
  • Create a barrier between the soil and the foundation of your home.
  • Eliminate moisture problems in and around your home, which attracts termites and many other insects.
  • Remove wood piles, leaf litter, old stumps, and other wooden debris from your lawn.
  • Inspect your foundation and exterior walls for gaps and seal any that you find. 

There is a time and place for prevention tips, but they won’t always keep termites away from your Bay Area home. Protect your residential property from termites and other common pests by partnering with the skilled technicians at Bay Pest. 

Total Termite Control Made Easy In The Bay Area

If you’re dealing with a termite problem in or around your Bay Area home, the skilled technicians from Bay Pest can help. We handle pest problems, so you don’t have to. With more than four decades of pest control experience, we’re ready to fulfill all of your pest management needs. Whether you’re looking for a way to eliminate an existing pest problem or prevent a new one from springing up, we have you covered. Contact Bay Pest today to give your home year-round protection from termites and other common pests.

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