The Bay Area's Constructive Guide To Hornet Removal

Hornet crawling on wood.

Hornets are some of the worst pests, right? They are one of the largest native species of wasps in North America and they have painful stings, so what isn’t there to hate about these problematic bugs? Bay Pest can tell you all you need to know about the hornets in the Bay Area and offer you a constructive guide to removing these pests. If you know there is a hornet nest in your yard and want these pests gone quickly, call Bay Pest. Our team will inspect your property, identify harmful stinging insects, and offer a plan that meets your need. Don’t wait to find out the benefits of pest control in the Bay Area.

The Key To Identifying Hornets

There are a few species of hornets that live across America. The most common species in our area is the bald-faced hornet. You can identify this common wasp by its body, which is black and ½ to ⅝ of an inch long, and its face, which is mostly covered by a white pattern. This pest works together with its colony to build growing nests out of saliva and chewed-up wood pulp. If you see an influx of these dangerous stinging insects on your property, chances are there is a nest somewhere nearby.

Constructive Ways To Deter Hornets In The Bay Area

If you do not like hornets or other stinging insects building nests on your property, you need to take action to deter these pests. The question is, what hornet control in the Bay Area works best? We recommend starting with these simple DIY prevention tips:

  • Make sure your home’s exterior is properly sealed to keep hornets out of your living areas. This should involve sealing gaps and cracks in your exterior using a caulking gun, repairing damage to window and door screens, and replacing damaged weatherstripping and door sweeps.
  • Remove things hornets like to eat from your yard. This includes fallen fruits and berries, left-out food, pet food, and uncovered sweet beverages.
  • Make sure your trash cans have tight-fitting lids and store them inside a garage or enclosed area if possible.
  • Keep food dishes and beverages covered when eating outdoors.

If you need more help preventing hornets and other stinging insects, talk to our team at Bay Pest. We would love to offer you some advice and help find a solution to keep these pests at bay.

Where Is The Nest?

When it comes to nest construction, hornets tend to have larger nests than other stinging insects. Their favorite place to build is on tree branches and under large outdoor tree-like shrubs. You might also find a nest on rotting logs, electrical poles, under the eaves of buildings, and inside or around sheds and garages. As a general rule, check for nests at a distance and do not get too close. If you are nervous to check your property for a hornet nest, let our team do that for you. Our experts know what to look for and would be happy to pay your property a visit.

Professional Pest Control For Hornet Infestations

There is only one effective option for hornet control in the Bay Area, and that is to hire a professional. This is the only way to guarantee you stay out of harm's way while dealing with these pests. Our team at Bay Pest is highly trained and has access to the safety equipment and treatments needed to combat these harmful pests. 

Contact us today to learn more about our wasp and hornet pest control options and schedule your Bay Area property for a service visit. Let us show you why so many in our area trust us above the competition.

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