Help! There Are Hornets All Over My Bay Area Yard

close up of hornet face

Living in the Bay Area, along with most places in the Golden State, comes with many benefits. From the virtually year-round great weather to the abundance of beaches, there are very few downsides to living here. However, one downside is the abundance of pests along with the dangers and nuisances that they can cause home and property owners in the Bay Area. One pest that Bay Area pest control companies are routinely called to deal with is hornets. 

How To Tell Hornets Apart From Bees/Wasps? 

While hornets have a very similar appearance to bees and wasps, there are distinct differences that allow them to be distinguished. Both hornets and wasps are hairless insects, unlike bees which are fuzzy insects with hair on their bodies. Although hornets and wasps both have similar hairless bodies, their size and coloring are where they differ in appearance. Wasps are typically between 1/3 of an inch to one inch in length and have black and yellow rings on their bodies. Hornets are slightly larger than wasps, and their bodies have black and white-colored rings on them. 
All three of these pests can sting and are problematic to have nesting and flying around on your property. Feel free to reach out to Bay Pest Solution Inc to consult with our team of certified pest technicians. Our team of experts is happy to help you figure out the appropriate next steps to take if you are dealing with a hornet infestation or any other type of pest problem. 

What Keeps Hornets Away? 

Hornets will become extremely aggressive if they perceive any threat to their colonies or nest and will attack in swarms with painful stings. These stings not only hurt but are potentially dangerous if anyone in your household is allergic to their venom.
Because these pests are so troublesome, taking any signs of hornet activity on your property seriously is important. An infestation of hornets will always require professional pest control services to eliminate completely, but there are practical ways that you can help reduce the chance that these invasive pests infest your property.  

  • Some effective ways that you can prevent hornets from infesting your property include: 
  • Treating your yard with hornet traps 
  • Tightly covering trash cans and bins 
  • Ensuring that food is properly covered and stored 
  • Placing hornet repelling plants in your yard, such as peppermint or basil 

Due to how troublesome and difficult getting rid of a hornet infestation can be, it is vital to practice pest prevention strategies on your property and to take immediate action if you see any signs of hornets infesting. Feel free to reach out to Bay Pest Solutions Inc for expert advice on how to protect your home and property from hornets and other invasive pests. 

Does Professional Pest Control Help With Hornets? 

Ensuring that you practice routine pest prevention techniques in your home and on your property is effective at reducing the chances that an infestation of hornets or any other pest will occur. However, infestations are still possible despite your best efforts and will require professional extermination and pest control service to eliminate.
Bay Pest Solution Inc, a local Bay Area pest control company, is here to help you solve any hornet or other pest control issues or infestations that you may encounter. We feature an expertly trained and highly experienced team of certified pest technicians ready to assist you with any pest problems you are facing.
Reach out to us today to consult with our experts and formulate a customized plan for your unique situation. We offer free inspections, guarantee a pest-free home, and will work with you to accommodate your schedule and needs. 

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