Wolf Spider Infestations: How To Spot And Prevent Them In Your Home In The Bay Area

wolf spider on wall

Some people say that the Bay Area is one place folks should visit at least once in their lifetime. This area, comprised of nine different counties, has a lifestyle that fits just about everyone. Whether you enjoy outdoor recreation areas, historical sites, or shopping venues, it is a great place to live until local pests like wolf spiders appear. Without pest control in the Bay Area, these scary visitors might leave you unsettled in your home.

Signs You Have A Wolf Spider Problem

Wolf spiders live in all different kinds of environments, which makes a run-in with them quite common. The 1/2 to 2-inch-long spiders are more significant than many other arachnids, so their arrival in homes often alarms people. Wolf spiders in California are shy, tend to be more active at night and don’t construct webs to catch their prey, so recognizing that they’re a problem typically won’t occur until you encounter them. If your home has a good supply of spiders and insects indoors, frequent encounters with wolf spiders could prove an unsettling nuisance to those dwelling there. If you suspect wolf spiders have invaded your home, contacting a pest professional like Bay Pest is best to ensure they get safely removed from your property.

Wolf Spider Bites Are Painful But Rare

While wolf spiders in the Bay Area might look intimidating, they are pretty shy and would rather avoid conflict with people. A wolf spider will only lash out when it gets trapped against your skin or if you mishandle it, and it will hurt! People who get bitten commonly experience redness and localized swelling for about 24 hours. While their bites don’t pose any serious hazards to people, you should avoid picking up these spiders. If your home seems to have an overabundance of wolf spiders on the prowl, it is best to contact Bay Pest. Our service technicians are educated about their favorite hiding places and professionally equipped to ensure safe wolf spider removal.

A Great Way To Get Rid Of A Wolf Spider Infestation

A great way to get rid of wolf spiders is with help from the professionals at Bay Pest. We have over 40 years of experience in the pest control industry. Eliminating a wolf spider infestation can get challenging, so why not call in the pros; we know their hangouts and how to treat them. Since our customers are considered family, your pest control needs are always our top priority, meaning we work hard to ensure you’re delighted with our work. To ensure wolf spiders stay outdoors where they belong, contact Bay Pest immediately; we are the Bay’s best in pest!

Practical Tips To Prevent Wolf Spiders In The Future

Wolf spiders are common in Bay Area yards, so placing safeguards around properties is essential to prevent them from wandering into homes. Homeowners who implement some practical prevention tips can do much to keep wolf spiders outside.

Steps to ensure wolf spiders stay out of homes include:

  • Clean up yard debris and keep tall grasses cut short.
  • Seal cracks and gaps around windows, doors, siding, and foundations.
  • Keep stacked firewood at least 20 feet from your home.
  • Cover window and door openings with screens.
  • Use professional pest control to eliminate insects and spiders that attract wolf spiders.

Taking a proactive approach to spider control is always a good idea, but wolf spiders on the hunt for food can still break through your barriers. Homeowners can help stop wolf spiders from infesting homes by calling in the spider control professionals at Bay Pest. We are nearby and can respond quickly by offering same-day and emergency services.

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