The Easiest Way To Stay Ahead Of Bed Bug Infestations In The Bay Area

a bed bug crawling on the skin

When you hear about bed bugs, your skin instantly begins to crawl; you think of how awful it would be if your home or property were to become infested with them. You’ve heard the horror stories of how they prefer living in people’s beds, since they are closest there to what sustains them: a human blood meal. They will feed on the blood of any warm-blooded animal, but if a human host is available, it will be hard for them to pass us up. Find out more about these nasty parasites, and how enlisting the help of the experts at Bay Pest for pest control in the Bay Area will be the best and easiest way to get them off your property.

How To Identify Bed Bugs In The Bay Area

Bed bugs grow to be about ¼ of an inch in length and are reddish-brown. They are tiny insects that resemble apple seeds, but after feeding on a meal of blood, preferably from humans, their bodies swell in size and turn a deeper reddish-purple color. Bed bugs do not have wings and cannot jump, but their ability to latch on to people or their belongings and hitchhike from place to place allows them to get into your home or business and start an infestation. Finding a company for local pest control for bed bugs will be a must if this occurs.

Are Bed Bugs In The Bay Area Harmful To My Health?

These blood-sucking bugs are harmful to your health, but not in the way you might think. Plenty of insects, especially mosquitos and cockroaches, are well known for their ability to transmit diseases to humans, but the spread of diseases from bed bugs is not really a concern. Bed bugs will cause you to lose sleep, as one of the primary areas of infestation for these pests will be your bed. They will not only deliver itchy bites to you while you are sleeping but will fill you with worry and stress, causing you to lose sleep. They breed quickly and are difficult to control and eliminate, so at the first sighting of bed bugs, it's a good idea to get Bay Pest to take care of the problem, as we are the best at pest control in the Bay Area.

How To Effectively Get Rid Of Bed Bugs In The Bay Area

The most stress-free way to get rid of bed bugs from your Bay Area property is to partner with Bay Pest. Meeting our customers' unique pest control needs is our top priority. Our dedicated professionals can identify your specific pest problem and provide the services needed to get rid of them, as well as the necessary follow-up services to prevent them from returning. We have more than 40 years of experience in the pest control industry and can provide you with a bed bug control plan that will suit your needs. Our treatments are guaranteed and we are dedicated to making sure our customers are 100% satisfied. Give us a call today and let us be your local pest control for bed bugs so we can take your stress away once and for all.

How To Stop Bed Bugs In The Bay Area From Coming Back

Bay Pest is the company to call for problems with bed bugs in the Bay Area, but there are certain things you can do on your own for bed bug control to try to prevent them from coming back:

  • When you are in public, always keep your personal belongings up off the ground and away from other people’s belongings, to avoid picking up these bugs from other people’s stuff.
  • Do not bring used mattresses, box springs, or other furniture into your house, since these objects may already be occupied by bed bugs.
  • Make sure there isn’t a lot of clutter in your home, as bed bugs will hide unnoticed in these spots, allowing a possible infestation to grow.
  • Use bed bug-proof mattresses and box spring covers to prevent them from hiding in the seams.
  • Seal spaces at the bottom of exterior doors and along baseboards to keep stray bed bugs from wandering in.

There are other ways that bed bugs in the Bay Area can find their way onto your property, but at least you know Bay Pest is only a phone call away if bed bug pest control near you is needed.

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