How Can I Tell If There Are Bed Bugs In My Bay Area Business?

Bed bug

Having a great office in the Bay Area that offers stunning views – life can’t get any better. Scratching and itching while trying to hold meetings, greet clients, and conduct Zoom conferences soon shatters the illusion that you have the best office in your company. What are these bumps that are itching so bad? They might be bed bug bites! Yes, you heard it right; bed bugs can infest businesses as well as homes.

What Everyone Ought To Know About Office Bed Bugs In The Bay Area

Think bed bugs only visit unclean homes? Think again! Bed bug infestations can happen anywhere. Businesses are not exempt from having their fair share of these blood-feeding pests. Companies get exposed to bed bugs in multiple ways.

Exposure can come from the following avenues:

  • Employees who travel a lot and are constantly in and out of the office can pick up bed bugs and bring them back to the office.
  • Bed bugs can hitch a ride on items delivered to the office.
  • Employees with bed bug infestations at home can also bring bed bugs into the office.

Anywhere there are people there's a risk of bed bugs. Find out more about how bed bugs travel, signs of their presence, and ways to keep them out of your business.

Little-Known Ways Bed Bugs Get Around In The Bay Area

Bed bugs are one of the most experienced travelers in the United States, and they use all sorts of modes of transportation to get to their desired destinations. They are professionals at using public areas as a hub to transport themselves to homes and businesses.

Nine public areas bed bugs use to move from place to place include:

  1. Hotels/motels
  2. Airports
  3. Train and bus stations
  4. Offices
  5. Gyms
  6. Shopping centers
  7. Schools/dorms
  8. Movie theaters
  9. Libraries

While visiting these “hotspots,” bed bugs will often catch a ride on an employee’s briefcase, purse, shoes, laptop case, backpack, clothing, etc. They will also attach themselves to boxes and furniture that get delivered to the office.

Here’s A Quick Way To Tell If You Have A Bed Bug Infestation In Your Business

Once bed bugs gain access to the office, signs of infestation will become apparent; they cannot stay hidden forever. When they get hungry, they will start to search for the blood meal they need to survive.

Signs that bed bugs are feasting on employees include:

  • Bites – typically occurring on arms and legs in lines or clusters
  • Fecal spots – the size of a pinhead that will bleed on the fabric like a marker
  • Live bugs – brown, flat, and about the size and shape of an apple seed
  • Odor – if a bed bug infestation is heavy, you may smell a musty-sweet scent.

With a heavy bed bug infestation, you may see signs in the following areas:

  • Within seams between cushions, couches, chairs, and folds of curtains
  • Under wallpaper that is loose
  • Within wall hangings
  • Inside joints of drawers and around picture frames
  • Around electrical receptacles
  • Within company kitchen appliances

Detecting bed bug problems early is vital to a business. Employers must stress that if they have an infestation at home, employees must immediately alert their employers. The sooner an employer is alerted to potential bed bug problems, the quicker they can protect their employees.

The Secret To Beg Bug Removal From Your Bay Area Business

Because bed bugs travel so well, it is hard to prevent them from accessing your office. If they do breach your office doors, Bay Pest can help. Protecting the Bay Area for over 40 years, we provide commercial customers with detailed pest control inspections, integrated pest management, and as many follow-up treatments as needed to eradicate the problem. Call Bay Pest today for a free estimate.

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