The Trick To Keeping Spiders Out Of Your San Jose Home

Wolf Spider crawling on sand.

They certainly won’t turn you into a superhero, but a single bite from one of these pests will most definitely change you – into a nervous wreck!

Spiders are possibly the least loved pest species in the entire San Jose region. Some of the most common species found in the Bay Area include:

  • The black widow
  • The brown recluse
  • The wolf spider
  • The cellar spider
  • The desert recluse
  • The Chilean recluse

While many of these creatures are non-venomous and mostly keep to themselves, they are never a welcome sight in the modern home. In fact, the signs of their presence may hint towards an underlying pest infestation in your presumably safe home.

San Jose Spider Prevention Tips That Really Work

If you’re looking for ways to protect your home from spider activity, you've come to the right place. Here are some techniques that are worth their weight in gold for any property they are implemented on:

  • Start by addressing the spider’s pest prey: the bugs in your home! If you have flies, roaches, beetles, or other kinds of small critters running through your household, you can bet that the spiders have noticed — and moved in! Regular pest control services through Bay Pest are excellent methods of mitigating their activity.
  • De-web the interior and exterior of your home on a regular basis, ensuring that you have covered all surfaces close to the home. 
  • Check screens and door sweeps for signs of damage. While some patchwork can be done to damaged pieces, replacement is often the best solution for broken screens or rotting door sweeps.
  • Be sure to check for cracks around your home and foundations, filling in entry points with waterproof caulking.

Spiders seem have a way of getting inside even when your prevention steps appear completely watertight. If you are concerned that spiders or their pest prey have entered the house despite your efforts, it's important to contact professional pest control experts right away. Get a free estimate with the team at Bay Pest right away.

Spiders Invade? Not Today – Get Bay Pest!

Although the majority of spider species here in San Jose are harmless nuisances, there are still several deadly species prowling in the night. Home prevention techniques and DIY remedies may help to mitigate your exposure to these creatures, but they will never uproot an established infestation from your property.

Get additional spider advice and assistance when you contact the professional team at Bay Pest today. Our spider control offerings are entirely customizable to your unique needs, and take a complete, holistic approach to pest activity in your San Jose home. We begin our treatments by de-webbing the exterior of the property, taking care to wipe walls, eaves, and gutters clear of any spider activity. If the problem is significant, our team will apply a unique treatment to pest prey in the area. When spiders ingest these treated pests, they consume a small portion of chemical treatment and are quickly eliminated. Best of all, Bay Pest provides a regularly scheduled spider control service that keeps your home free and clear all year long. 

Make the most of Bay Pest’s incredible spider control program and contact us right away. Get started with your personalized treatment plan by calling, clicking, or visiting with us during your initial home inspection. Since 1979, Bay Pest has been proud to protect homeowners from dangerous spiders and more. See for yourself when you call our office now!

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