Mosquitoes In The Bay Area: An All-Inclusive Prevention And Control Guide

mosquito full of blood

The Bay Area has just what you need if you enjoy charming waterfront towns, long walks on the beach, renowned bridges, incredible shopping, or the peaceful fields of wine country. Add to the mix beautiful weather, and the area is near perfect, but for the mosquitoes who frequently visit properties. Without pest control in the Bay Area, an excellent outdoor day can soon turn sour, forcing residents to seek relief indoors.

Understanding The Mosquito Life Cycle: A Key To Effective Control

Have you ever wondered where mosquitoes come from? It might surprise many that these high-flying insects begin their lives in and around water. Mosquitoes in the Bay Area start life as tiny little eggs. Eggs look like little white, oval balls. Females can lay dozens of eggs at a time and only require about 1/2 inch of standing water to deposit them. As eggs develop over a few days, they will blacken and move under the water to advance to their second stage of development, the larva stage. 

Larvae (or wrigglers) resemble little worms and focus on eating. As they grow, they molt many times before moving into the pupa stage. During the pupa stage (or tumbler stage), a mosquito's development is less about eating and more about growth; they will develop their wings and legs. Newly formed adults will linger on the water's surface until their wings dry before flight. The whole process from egg to adult can take around two weeks. Property owners can help eliminate breeding sites from their properties when they contact Bay Pest. Our trained service technicians can identify potential mosquito breeding grounds and recommend effective remediation and removal.

Mosquito Dangers: Understanding The Risks Of An Infestation

Most people are familiar with the painful, itchy bite female mosquitoes inflict on people, but few know their bite can make people ill. Female mosquitoes in the Bay Area need protein from blood to give them nutrients for reproduction. If females acquire pathogens from a blood source they've tapped, when they insert their tube-like mouthpart into subsequent people, their saliva can drip into the bloodstream and transfer disease.

Five diseases mosquitoes commonly transmit in the United States include:

  1. Tularemia
  2. West Nile virus
  3. Dengue fever
  4. Eastern equine encephalitis
  5. Chikungunya

Not every mosquito bite threatens infection, but a large population of mosquitoes on properties increases the threat of exposure. Property owners who partner with Bay Pest for mosquito control services can help reduce mosquito dangers around their property.

The Key To Mosquito Control: Proactive Measures For Prevention

The key to controlling mosquito populations around properties is proactive prevention measures. Since water is a critical component in a mosquito's reproduction, reducing standing water is vital for keeping mosquitoes away from yards. Frequently checking gutters for blockages and eliminating yard debris that can hold water is essential. Items like tires, toys, kiddie pools, cans, flower pots, garbage lids, and tarps can provide an ideal reproduction site for breeding mosquitoes. Ornamental water decorations can also attract mosquitoes unless the water is kept agitated. 

Another key to reducing mosquitoes is eliminating landscaping issues that cause water to collect around lawns. Property owners can also reduce excess foliage in yards; neat and trim yards help eliminate sheltered resting areas for mosquitoes. Proactive property owners can make significant headway in the fight against mosquitoes, but even the best preventative measure can fail. When you team up with Bay Pest, you get an extra layer of defense to deter mosquitoes from your property.

Pro Mosquito Control: Regular Maintenance And Long-Term Prevention

Bay Pest is a local professional pest control company, and our professionals have over 40 years of pest control industry experience. Our company treats customers like family, so your pest control needs are our priority. We offer regular maintenance services and monthly and one-time spraying for mosquitoes in yards (for those special occasions) that can add an extra layer of protection around properties. Call Bay Pest today for an estimate on professional mosquito control solutions that can facilitate long-term prevention.

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