What Is The Easiest Way To Keep Our Bay Area Homes Mosquito-Free?

mosquito on skin

When it comes to mosquito control, knowledge is power. The reason mosquitoes get into Bay Area homes, in most cases, is a lack of knowledge. We're going to have a little fun today as we dig into what Bay Area residents need to know to keep mosquitoes away and prevent them from getting in. We're going to look at the philosophical question of why mosquitoes exist and take a quick look at the history of mosquitoes. Don't worry, We have a reason for doing this. Our goal is to give you a deep insight into how these insects breed, transmit diseases, and plague you in your yard. Then we'll share our best tips to help you make your home mosquito-free and help you get rid of mosquitoes in your yard. As always, remember that you can jump to our contact page or give us a call if you need immediate assistance with mosquito pest control in The Bay Area. With that said, let's look at mosquitoes in a way you've probably never looked at them before.

Why Do Mosquitoes Exist?

In some ways, this is a philosophical question. In other ways, it might be a theological question. We're going to avoid these and get straight to the point. Mosquitoes provide no benefit to humans. They are a plague. We don't know why this is the case, but they are not without a purpose. They are a valuable part of our world's ecosystem. They are food for other animals. Can you imagine a world without mosquitoes? What would bats do? They'd probably sit around all night watching talk shows or something. But, instead, they're flying about in the air, dining on truckloads of mosquitoes. Without mosquitoes, many animals would struggle to find food to survive. So they are not without their purpose.

Another way mosquitoes are important is that they help with pollination. You might not know this, but mosquitoes don't survive on blood. Only female mosquitoes draw blood meals, and they do so for reproduction. Both males and females eat nectar as their primary food source. So the next time you swat a mosquito, you might want to thank that mosquito for helping to pollinate flowers and certain vegetables.    

How does this information connect to mosquito prevention? Bats provide an example of bioremediation. The reason the United States doesn't have swarms of mosquitoes that blot out the sun (as is the case in other countries) is that we have many forms of bioremediation, such as little brown bats. Mosquito management through bioremediation is one of the many clever ways the U.S. government works to protect us from mosquitoes.

The example of pollination provides a more actionable piece of data. When you have lots of flowers in your yard, you're going to attract mosquitoes. It is critical to understand the relationship between mosquitoes and flowering plants. We'll discuss this in more detail when we get into our prevention tips. 

A Brief History Of Mosquito Control

Mosquitoes have been with us since the dawn of human history. They've always been a plague to humans, but how we deal with mosquitoes has changed. Some separate mosquito control into three eras: mechanical, chemical, and integrated control. 

  • Mechanical mosquito control is the use of mechanical measures to keep mosquitoes out. We still use many mechanical solutions, such as doors, windows, and screens.
  • Chemical mosquito control is the use of man-made materials, such as DDT, to arrest mosquito activity. While DDT is no longer used, there are newer products that work to arrest mosquito activity without harming people.
  • Integrated mosquito control is a modern and scientific approach that considers mosquito breeding, feeding, and resting sites, and employs several control methods in a multi-pronged control plan.   

The mechanical era was mostly before the 1940s. In the 40s and 50s, products like DDT were created to control mosquitoes and other pests. After the 1960s and entering into the 70s, the U.S. government and pest control service providers worked together to develop Integrated Pest Management solutions for mosquito control. These are what licensed and certified professionals use today.

How does this information connect with mosquito prevention for your property? The essential takeaway is that a combination of control methods works best to stop mosquitoes.   

Eco-Friendly Ways To Keep Mosquitoes Away From Your Yard

At the heart of eco-friendly mosquito control is an integration of several control strategies. You'll need to use everything you've learned so far and more. Let's break it down and look at natural ways to get rid of mosquitoes and keep mosquitoes away from your yard.

  • Get control of lawn weeds. When weeds take over your lawn and start to produce flowers, bees and wasps aren't the only insects that will take notice. You'll also have mosquitoes coming into your yard. When they do, they'll take root in your yard and reproduce a hundred at a time.
  • Reduce vegetation. Mosquitoes prefer to rest in vegetation because they have a high moisture requirement. When you remove grass, weeds, and unnecessary plants from your landscaping, you open things up and keep your landscape vegetation dry. While this won't completely deter mosquitoes, it can make a difference.
  • Remove containers or pour the water out of containers. Mosquitoes can breed in a half inch of water. An object in your yard can provide a breeding site for mosquitoes. You can have hundreds of mosquitoes in an overturned frisbee in the middle of your yard. Removing these objects is the best solution. You can also pour the water out onto the ground. The mosquitoes will dry up as the water evaporates.
  • Clean your gutters and repair any damaged areas in your gutter system. When rainwater pours over the sides of your gutters, it saturates the ground and allows puddles to form. Those puddles can provide breeding sites for mosquitoes. The water caught in your gutters can also provide a breeding site. In both cases, it is best to have the water flowing.

Once you've done what you can around your home, turn your attention to the interior of your home. Here are our best suggestions for keeping mosquitoes out.

  • Repair your screens. Almost every home has window and door screens. Those screens are your primary mechanical defense against mosquitoes getting into your home.
  • Drive mosquitoes out of your home. If you don't mind the scent of essential oils or candles, you can have some success driving mosquitoes out by using citronella, oil of lemon eucalyptus, peppermint, or lavender. These are the best plants to deter mosquitoes. Plant them in your landscaping and flower beds to further deter mosquitoes.
  • A fly swatter is another mechanical option. When you find a mosquito in your home, swat it. Keep in mind that this attacks the symptom, not the source. You'll have more impact addressing breeding sites and food sources. On this topic, we want to quickly point out that bug zappers are not effective for mosquito control. While they attract male and female mosquitoes, they're only effective at eliminating male mosquitoes, which don't bite.

All-natural mosquito control is simple and smart. If you apply these tips, you may bring mosquito populations below your threshold of comfort. If you want more control, mosquito treatments are needed. We recommend having a licensed professional apply these treatments.       

Professional Pest Control Is The Best Way To Combat Mosquitoes 

If you live in the Bay Area, contact Bay Pest for mosquito control. We use an Integrated Pest Management solution for mosquitoes. Your service technician will inspect your property and evaluate breeding sites, food sources, and other conducive conditions. The findings of this inspection are shared with you so that you can take action to address vulnerabilities, such as standing water and dense vegetation. During your service visits, your service technician will also treat the places where mosquitoes are known to rest. We use backpack fogging systems to knock down adult mosquitoes and arrest activity. When these treatments are combined with all-natural mosquito management, you'll really notice the difference.

Backpack mist treatments are the best solution for ongoing pest control but can also help as a one-time fix. Are you planning an outdoor event, such as a birthday party, anniversary, reunion, or wedding reception? Reach out to us before your event for treatment. We can arrest mosquito activity on your property and make your event memorable for something other than mosquito bites. Connect with us today for service. We look forward to helping you take your backyard back.

We hope you've found this article helpful and entertaining. Mosquitoes are fascinating creatures, but no one wants them in their yard. The bites they leave on the skin are itchy and irritating, and mosquitoes are known to transmit diseases. Life is so much better without mosquitoes! Hopefully, you now have the tools to keep mosquitoes out of your Bay Area home and keep it mosquito-free. If you'd like to learn more about mosquitoes, we have lots of blogs that dig into many details about these somewhat mysterious pests. Take a moment to browse them and glean some helpful tips and insights. And remember that we're always here to help you with addressing all of your pest concerns. Drop us a line or call us anytime. We're here to help. 

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