Do you think you know bed bugs? We're betting you don't know these bugs nearly as well as you think you do, and not hardly as well as you should. Even though we've been dealing with bed bug infestations rising in the United States for the last two decades, they're still a relatively new pest problem for us. Between the 1950s and the 1990s, bed bug infestations we're nearly non-existent in the states. So don't feel bad if you don't know much about them. You're not alone—not by a long shot. Here are a few ways you could be wrong about bed bugs in the Bay Area.

bed bug on rock
bed bug on bed

1. Bed bugs in the Bay Area are unique.

Not hardly. While there are some pests that have regional impact and distribution, bed bugs present the same threat nationwide.

2. Bed bugs get into dirty homes.

If only. Bed bugs have long been connected to dirty homes but not for reasons you might think. Dirty homes don't attract bed bugs. Bed bugs make homes dirty. But it takes a whole lot of bed bugs to make a home dirty. Bed bugs leave excrement, blood stains, and shed skins in the areas they infest. But an infestation of a dozen bed bugs can be the size of your thumbnail. It will take a lot of bed bugs to dirty up the place.

3. Bed bugs come in from the outside.

Yes, they do. But what you might not know is that they don't live outside. You're not going to find these bugs in your yard. They live almost exclusively with humans. While they do come into your home from the outside, they come from another interior location. These are hitchhiking pests.

4. Bed bugs are only picked up at hotels and motels.

While there was a time when this was somewhat true, it is not the case anymore. Here are just some of the many places bed bug infestations have been found:

  • Schools and college dormitories

  • Daycares

  • Senior living centers

  • Movie theaters

  • Libraries

  • Retails stores

  • Police lockups

  • Office spaces

  • Homes of family and friends

5. Bed bugs are too small to see.

They're pretty small; there's no doubt about that. But they're not microscopic. A newly hatched bed bug is 1 mm long. An adult bed bug is as large as 4.5 mm long. The reason people think that bed bugs are invisible to the naked eyes is because they are extraordinarily good at hiding. Bed bugs love very tight spaces and they are sensitive to light. Together, these two characteristics cause bed bugs to be hidden from view.

6. Bed bugs only feed on people at night.

If you believe this, you might be tempted to think that getting mattress encasements and insect interceptors will eliminate your bed bug infestation. But this isn't likely to. Bed bugs can feed on you while you're fully away. They can do this under the cover of darkness while you're relaxing on the couch, sitting at the kitchen table, sitting at a computer, and in other places you might lounge or sit.

7. Bed bugs only hide in beds.

When an infestation rears its ugly head, some people throw their bed out. This doesn't work. Bed bugs don't live only in beds. They can live in many other furniture items. They can live behind baseboards and crown molding. They can live in your walls. It is also important to understand that the bed bugs in your bed probably didn't come into your home with your bed. They were probably carried into your home within a duffle bag, bookbag, pocketbook, etc. If they did, there could still be an infestation in the source item.

8. It is easy to kill bed bugs.

Bed bugs have been living almost exclusively with humans since before recorded history. If they were easy to kill, they'd be extinct. It's that simple. Unfortunately, it takes education and experience to locate and eliminate bed bugs. This process is best performed by a licensed pest control professional.

If you live in the Bay Area, contact Bay Pest for effective bed bug treatments. We use the most advanced methods and products to arrest bed bug infestations. Reach out to us for immediate assistance.


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