The answer to this question is usually a simple one. If you're seeing ants inside your home, it is likely that they've found a food source. Most ant species won't actually live inside your home. They'll nest near your home and worker ants will find their way inside. When they locate a food source, they take a piece and return to their nest. On the trip back to the nest, the worker will leave a pheromone scent. Other workers pick up on this scent and do what the first ant did. They find the food, and they lay pheromones down on their way back to the nest. This happens over and over again until the trail scent is so strong, almost every ant from the colony has joined in the effort of collecting the food. This is probably why you're seeing ants in your San Jose home. But it isn't the only reason. Here are a few more reasons to consider.

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Ants Get In Because They Can

If ants are getting into your home, it is likely that you have an entry point that should be sealed. Ants can't magically pass through our exterior walls. They have to find a gap, crack, or hole. While it is impossible to completely seal ants out of your home, there are some common areas of entry that can be addressed.

  • Apply caulk to the edges of your exterior door and window frames. This can seal up tiny gaps that develop over time.

  • Apply caulk to gaps around pipes that pass through your foundation walls.

  • Replace damaged door sweeps and weatherstripping on exterior doors.

  • Seal any holes in your window frames.

  • Repair damaged screens.

  • Repair cracks in your foundation wall.

Ants Get In Because They Find A Pathway

If you have vegetation that touches your exterior walls, ants can use your plants as bridges. This will allow them to get to higher points on your exterior walls. Trim vegetation away from your exterior to prevent this from happening.

Ants Get In Because There Are A Lot Of Them

The more ants you have around your home, the more likely you are to have ants getting into your home. If you're seeing ants in your home, it may be time to address the perimeter around your home. Here are some tips:

  • Rake leaves up and away from your home.

  • Remove sticks and other organic debris.

  • Move stacked wood or objects that are sitting next to your home.

  • Keep your trash receptacles as clean as possible.

  • Clean and repair your gutter system to reduce moisture near your home.

  • Keep your plants healthy to reduce aphids and other plant-damaging insects that produce honeydew.

Ants Get In Because They're Drawn To Moisture

A damp perimeter will be inviting to many ant species. If these ants get into your home, they'll live in humid spaces, and they'll be drawn to areas where faucets or pipes are leaking. These ants can be deterred if you locate plumbing issues and correct them. You may also need to install dehumidifiers in humid spaces and use your fan when you take a shower or bath.

The Ants May Have Already Been In Your Home

Carpenter ants live in wall voids and inside wood. They're more than capable of making your home their home, and they can live in your home for years without revealing themselves. If the ants you're seeing are large, they might be carpenter ants. Carpenter ants are the largest ants that get into San Jose homes. If left untreated, these ants can present a serious threat to your property. They should be addressed by a licensed professional.

Ants Get In When Homes Don't Have Professional Pest Control

The best deterrent for ants and other pests is an effective residential pest control program. If you live in San Jose, let Bay Pest guide you in selecting the right pest services for your specific needs and budget. We offer customizable plans, industry-leading pest control, and competitive pricing. Reach out to us with any questions you may have, or request a free estimate to get started. We're here to help.


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