There are few pests that are as feared as spiders. They're so feared, they even have their own phobia. You've probably heard of it. There is even a movie with this phobia for a title. If you have arachnophobia, it is likely that you haven't seen the movie. It is also likely that you'll do anything to keep spiders out of your home. If you have this condition, or you just think spiders are disgusting, here are a few things you'll be happy to hear.

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Spiders Don't Bite As Much As You Think

There are a lot of bites that are blamed on spiders. But spiders don't really have any interest in biting people. They're not going to seek you out or hunt you down. Even hunter spiders will leave you alone unless you mess with them. You're not small enough to be considered spider food.

Another reason spiders probably won't bite you is that many spiders stay away from human activity. This is particularly true of black widow spiders, which are the only medically important spiders in the Bay area.

It Is Rare To Be Bitten By A Spider While You Sleep

Spiders are nocturnal. So you can encounter a spider while you're sleeping. Fortunately, it is much rarer than you might think. Why? Because spiders tend to stay away if they sense you. But it is possible for a spider to bite you in your sleep, especially if you sleep in a basement, or you sleep on a floor. Here are a few precautions you can take to prevent unwanted contact if you're concerned.

  • Check your bed before you get into it at night.

  • Remove skirts from your beds.

  • Make sure your blankets don't touch the floor.

  • Shake your clothing and shoes before putting them on.

  • Actively remove spider webs from your room and from the interior of your home.

Most Spiders Only Leave An Itchy Welt

While spiders look scary, most of them do not have a bite that is scary. Most will only leave a small itchy welt. Some spiders, like the long-bodied cellar spider, don't bite at all. You have much more to fear from a wasp or a bee. Not surprisingly, bees have their own phobia. It's called apiphobia.

You Can Reduce Spiders And Limit Exposure

There are several ways you can reduce the number of encounters you have with spiders inside your home. Use these tips:

  • Do a detailed inspection of your exterior and seal any entry points.

  • Reduce moisture around your home. This will help to reduce the bugs spiders eat.

  • Reduce exterior lighting. This will help to reduce the flying insects that spiders eat.

  • Make sure your trash is bagged and placed in covered containers, and keep them as clean as possible to remove odors. This will reduce pests that target trash and attract spiders that desire to—you guessed it—eat them.

  • Remove unnecessary vegetation. Spiders are strongly attracted to vegetation. This is an environment that provides food sources for a spider.

  • Address any standing water in your yard. These can be drinking holes for spiders.

  • Remove yard clutter. Spiders hide in objects that are in your yard, such as a toy left out, or an old tire.

  • Remove spider webs around your home. Spiders create egg sacs in their webs. These sacs can have several hundred eggs inside. When the eggs hatch, you'll have a lot of new spiders crawling around your home.

The Best Advice Of All

There is a great way to get control of the bugs, insects, and spiders that crawl around on the outside of your home. Contact Bay Pest Solutions and invest in a residential pest control plan for your home. We'll come and do all the work of reducing pests and excluding them from your interior. Reach out to us today for advice or assistance. Our licensed professionals are looking forward to helping you with all of your pest control needs in the Bay area. Life is a whole lot better without pests. Give it a try. 


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