Auto Generated ATF CSS

Pre-Run Steps:

  • Make sure the list below only has the main templates in use on the site. If there are additional links, hide them in the page manager. 
  • The home page link should  be first in order to get the CSS for the subs separated out properly.
  • Make sure your HTML layout has colors.css, buttons.css, font-declarations.css & make.css as p-place="embed".
  • Make sure to run in PREVIEW MODE!!!

Post-Run Steps:

  • Pass it through a CSS formatter to clean up spacing (Optional, but advisable).
  • Separate Mainstage CSS out into a home page specific CSS (Optional, but advisable).
  • Add a separate layout for the subs, if you don't already have one, and add the subs specific CSS just to that layout.
  • Remove transition CSS.
  • Remove unnecessary flyout and mobile menu CSS.
  • If you have an overlapping header, you'll need to add a default padding in for different screen sizes.