Spiders are creepy houseguests. They can show up in many ways. You might see a tiny one zipping up the wall behind your computer monitor while you're working or playing a game. You may see a big furry one sitting on top of a drain or on the floor of a storage room. You may see one sitting stationary in an upper corner of your bedroom just waiting for you to go to sleep—yeah, like that's happening. There are many ways spiders can suddenly appear in your space. If you prefer to not have spiders invading your space, here is a complete guide to effective spider control in San Jose.

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Do you know that exterior lights can increase the number of insects around your home? It's true. Many insects are attracted to white light. When you attract insects, you lure spiders onto your property as well because spiders eat insects. Keep exterior lights off or replace white light bulbs with yellow light bulbs to reduce insect and spider activity.

Trash Management

Your trash is a food source and breeding site for many insects. It is important that you keep your trash bagged and sealed inside covered containers. It is important to keep your receptacles clean as well. The scent of rotting organic matter will draw insects, even if they can't get into your trash. Fewer insects around your trash will lead to fewer spiders.


A damp perimeter around your home is a pest paradise. There are many pests that are drawn to moisture. These are often ground pests, which can attract dangerous spiders. Consider these tips for maintaining a dry perimeter:

  • Clean out gutter obstructions and repair breaks in your gutter system.

  • Give your plants water in the morning to prevent nighttime moisture.

  • Keep your landscaping neatly trimmed to let the air move through your vegetation and keep things dry.

  • Remove tree branches in areas near your home that seem to stay damp.

  • Repair pipes or leaky spigots.

Stagnant Water

If you have puddles in your yard or containers that capture rainwater, these will attract spiders and the bugs spiders eat. Address any conditions that create standing water. If you have objects in your yard that are acting as containers, stow them away.

Hiding Places

There are many places a spider will hide. If you provide hiding places, you'll have more spider activity. Spiders hide inside the voids within the objects in your yard, and some will hide in ground holes. And, of course, some spiders don't need a void to hide in. They'll establish a web right out in the open where you can see it. While removing objects from your yard won't remove every location a spider can make a web, it reduces the options and limits activity.


When spiders create webs around your home, those webs can be an eyesore. You probably remove the ones you can get to simply because they look ugly. But do you know that removing one web can eliminate hundreds of spiders? Some spiders create silk sacs in their webs. These sacs can have hundreds of eggs inside. When those eggs hatch, you'll suddenly have hundreds of new spiders crawling around.

Sealing Entry Points

Once you've done what you can to reduce pest activity around your home and get rid of the food and water sources that lure spiders to come near, it is time to seal any potential entry points. Do an inspection of your exterior and seal any gaps, cracks or holes you find. Replace damaged screens, door sweeps, and weatherstripping. This will make it more difficult for spiders to get inside.

Complete Your Protection

There is no better way to reduce bugs than to invest in a residential pest control plan for your Bay area home. Contact Bay pest to schedule a visit with one of our service professionals. We can help you select a plan that works best for your specific needs, and your specific budget. We can help you get the greatest level of control for bugs and the spiders that love to eat them. Reach out to us and get started today. We're standing by to assist you with this important protection for your health and property.


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