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Do you have questions about your local pests and how to get rid of them? Are you wondering how professional pest control could benefit you? To find the answers to some common questions about the pests found in and around The Bay Area, CA, learn some helpful tips that will aid in your pest prevention efforts, and learn more about the advantages of investing in professional pest control for your home or business, check out our handy resource guide!



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Wolf spiders aren't dangerous to have around your Bay Area property, but their presence in your home could be a warning sign of an even worse underlying infestation.

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Fleas are annoying little parasites that feast on the blood of birds and mammals, but not many people know that an infestation can be dangerous. Find out how you can protect your Bay Area home from…

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Mice are adaptable and depend on humans for their survival. These factors mean you need to be proactive about Bay Area rodent control. 

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