Termite Control Doesn't Have To Be A Hassle For Bay Area Residents

February 3, 2024

When it comes to termites, homeowners must be proactive. Maintain a termite-free home without the hassle by partnering with a local pest control professional. Local professionals know the termites in the region and how best to treat a termite problem and implement prevention measures to keep them at bay in the future.

We have been helping people guard their homes from pests at Bay Pest for more than 40 years. Our professionals, their vast knowledge, and the quality treatments we perform will help safeguard your property against termites and our region’s other problematic pests. For the most effective termite control in the Bay Area, put your trust in the experts at Bay Pest!

a termite crawling on wood

What It Means When You See Termite Swarmers

Termite swarmers are the reproductive members of a termite colony. Unlike other kinds of termites in a colony (workers and soldiers), reproductive termites have two pairs of long wings. Their sole job is to leave a mature termite colony, find a mate, create a new nest, and establish a new colony. The reproductive efforts of swarmers help ensure the success of the species. 

If you ever spot winged termites flying in or around your home or find piles of their discarded wings, it is crucial that you immediately reach out to a professional for help. Seeing termite swarmers indicates a large, mature termite colony on or near your property. Taking immediate action against termites is key to stopping the costly structural damage these pests cause through their feeding habits. 

Unsubtle Signs Of Termite Damage

Termite damage doesn’t occur overnight, but an overlooked infestation will eventually create damage that is difficult not to notice.

Signs of a termite problem include:

  • Pieces of wood in or on your home that sound hollow when you tap on them
  • Hearing subtle clicking sounds coming from behind walls in your home
  • Windows or doors in your home that have become difficult to open and/or close
  • Floors that are noticeably buckling or sagging
  • Floors that feel “spongy” as you walk across them
  • Sawdust or pellet-like excrement buildup on the floor next to walls and baseboards

If you spot potential signs of termites in your home, they have likely been present for some time. Don’t delay seeking professional help to eliminate the infestation.

Naturally Effective Termite Prevention Tips For Your Property

When termites find their way to our properties, the damage they cause is unmatched. Across the country, each year, these tiny terrors are responsible for causing more than five billion dollars in damage to structures. 

To help avoid a termite infestation on your property, take advantage of our easy-to-execute, natural prevention tips. 

  • Maintain your yard: Remove excess wood piles, fallen branches, leaf piles, and dead trees from your property that offer termites a food source.
  • Maintain your home: Repair cracks in the foundation, gaps around windows and doors, leaky pipes and fixtures, and replace damaged weatherstripping. 
  • Ensure proper ventilation: Ensure your home is well-ventilated to prevent moisture from building up in your home and providing an environment that termites thrive within.

A well-maintained home and yard will deter termite activity, keep away the moisture that can damage wood on your property, and provide a suitable food source for these problematic pests.

The best defense against termites is to work with us at Bay Pest and schedule regular termite inspections. The sooner a termite infestation is identified, the sooner you can take action to solve the problem!

Contact Us For Termite Control Done The Right Way

Guarding your home against termites is best accomplished with the assistance and expertise of a local pest control professional. At Bay Pest, we offer comprehensive termite control. Depending on your property’s unique needs and the species present, we offer several warrantied termite control options, including liquid treatments, bait stations, and fumigation services. Learn more about Bay Area termite control by calling today; we are here to surpass your expectations and keep destructive termites away from your property. 

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