How To Have Pest-Free Picnics This Summer In The Bay Area

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Summertime means most people want to spend more time outdoors, but so do the many pesky insects. There are all sorts of pests just waiting to crash your picnic, and it can seem impossible to fend them all off for long. Don't despair – there's still hope for effective home pest control.

Our experts at Bay Pest Solution Inc are here to help with this handy guide to pest control in the Bay Area. Here, we'll outline everything you need to know about the area pests, starting with what you should watch out for, expanding with some specific tips for dealing with the most common problems, and providing an essential foundation for any pest control. Read on and discover how to keep your picnics pest-free this summer.

What Kind Of Pests Should I Worry About?

One of the most prominent factors that make residential pest control a challenge is the number and variety of pests. It can be overwhelming, but here, we'll narrow it down to the pests that can ruin outdoor activities. Watch out for:

  • Mosquitoes
  • Ants
  • Wasps
  • Hornets
  • Bees

While bees are usually benign, a hive of stinging insects in your yard is never desirable. Mosquitoes and ants are much easier to hate, and for a good reason. These pests can cause many problems while challenging to deter, but our experts at Bay Pest Solution Inc have you covered. Next, we'll explore some home pest control tips specific to each mentioned pest.

Mosquito Control Done The Right Way 

Mosquito pest control for your home is one of the most important investments. Despite their size, these prolific flying parasites are among the most dangerous insects globally. They spread several debilitating diseases and can thrive almost anywhere – your yard included.

To prevent mosquitoes, be vigilant about excess moisture around your property. Mosquitoes only need about an inch of water to reproduce so that any tiny puddles could become spawning pools. Of course, it's always best to partner with a professional for guaranteed protection.

Ants Can Be A Pesky Problem

Another stubborn challenge for lawn and home pest control is ants. These industrious eusocial insects can completely take over your yard and the inside of your home if you let them. Ants come in many shapes and sizes, but they're all characterized by their keen foraging instincts. They'll eat just about anything but are especially attracted to sweets and starchy foods. 

Prevent an ant infestation by promptly practicing diligent food storage and garbage disposal and promptly cleaning any spills or crumbs. Sometimes, however, their sheer numbers will improve any DIY ant prevention measures, which is where a professional touch can help.

Keep The Stinging Insects At Bay In The Bay Area

Few things can get people to panic faster than a flying insect baring its stinger. Good home and yard pest control can't be considered complete without accounting for our area's various wasps and hornets. Although they provide an essential ecological benefit, they become pests when they build hives near people's homes.

Stinging insects are incredibly territorial, and the danger only grows if someone is allergic to their venom. You can prevent a stinging insect problem by denying them easy access to shelter. Trim the foliage regularly, and seal any cracks, crevices, or enclosed areas around your property.

However, the only surefire way to protect your property from the many pests looking to cause problems is to partner with a professional. Reach out to our experts at Bay Pest Solution Inc, and safeguard yourself today.

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