Why Do I Have Spiders In My Bay Area Home?

House spider on a window frame.

Spiders may be a seriously unpleasant sight in your Bay Area home, but it is important to understand where this pest is coming from so you can learn how to prevent spiders and fully protect your property.

Types Of Spiders In The Bay Area

Most of the types of spiders that you encounter in the Bay Area are nothing more than common house spiders. While all spiders do possess fangs, and many may bite, this is harmless to both people and pets in your home most of the time. That being said, local spiders may not be a welcome sight in your home, especially if you have a significant infestation starting to overtake your property.

In general, Bay Area spiders include:

  • Wolf Spiders
  • Tarantulas
  • Jumping Spiders
  • Western Black Widow

You may encounter one or more of these spiders around your property, though the only spider you should be concerned about is the Western black widow. A bite from this spider can be dangerous, so seek immediate medical attention if you receive one.

Spiders will enter your home as they pursue and hunt their insect pest prey for the most part. The easier it is for pest prey to enter your property, the more likely spiders will also follow them in. Other factors that can bring spiders into your home include excess moisture and cluttered, secluded hiding spots.

How To Prevent Spiders

The most common house spiders that you will find in the Bay Area can be prevented with the following simple tips. A key to understanding how to prevent spiders is removing factors that may attract them:

  1. How you store your food and trash is a significant factor in preventing or attracting spiders and their pest prey. Make sure that all food waste and trash are sealed tightly and disposed of promptly. You should also store leftover food properly and ensure that food or drink spills and dirty dishes are cleaned as soon as possible.
  2. Frequently clear out clutter from your home, take time to throw away stores of unused items, brush away any spider webs, and address moisture problems around your home. This will help make your property less hospitable to spiders who are considering moving in.
  3. Inspecting your home for potential spider entry points and sealing them up is another essential spider prevention tip. Check all windows and doors around your home for gaps or cracks, and be sure to replace broken window screens, door screens, or weather stripping.
  4. Clear your yard of all debris and clutter, ensuring that any firewood or stored woodpiles are kept at least 20 feet away from your home. You should also keep the grass trimmed low to reduce outdoor hiding spaces for spiders.

Additionally, pest prey infestations that are running wild in your home can attract spiders. Make sure that you address all insect issues and contact Bay Pest Solution if you need advice.

Effective Ways To Kill Spiders

One of the most effective ways to kill spiders and the best way to deal with any infestation of spiders or their pest prey is to invest in ongoing professional assistance. The experts at Bay Pest Solution will be able to provide you with customized solutions for removing all spiders from your home – local spiders that may be invading your property are no match for the spider control professionals at Bay Pest Solution.

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