Stinging Insects In The Bay Area Could Cause Problems On Your Property

Paper Wasp on a tree branch.

There are few things worse than being stung by an insect. Even if you haven’t been stung in several years, chances are you still go out of your way to avoid bees and wasps when you see them. This is normal. The question is, why do stinging insects invade properties here in the Bay Area? We will be answering this question today and discussing some of the problems these pests cause. If you are currently dealing with an active infestation of bees or wasps and you want to give these bugs the boot, call Bay Pest. Our team has the safety equipment and training needed to effectively remove stinging insect nests from your property.

Stinging Insect Identification Guide For Bay Area Residents 

There are a few different types of stinging insects that call our area home. The main species of stinging insects are wasps, bees, and certain ants. To help you identify stingers around your property, here are some common stinging insects and how to identify each.

  • The honey bee is ½” long, golden-yellow, and has brown bands. These social insects live in large hives built in secluded areas like the inside of trees or within the hollow areas of homes.
  • The yellow jacket wasp is ⅜ to ⅝” long, yellow, and has black patterns across its body. These insects build nests out of chewed-up cellulose on the sides of buildings, trees, and sometimes inside holes in the ground.
  • The bald-faced hornet is ½ to ⅝” long, black, and has a white pattern on its face and body. These insects build nests out of chewed-up cellulose in trees and shrubs.
  • The paper wasp is ⅝ to ¾” long, brown, and has yellow, sometimes red markings. These insects build nests out of chewed-up pulp on the sides of buildings, inside trees, and underground.
  • The red imported fire ant is ⅛ to ⅜” long, dark reddish-brown, and has a darker-colored abdomen. These ground pests live in large colonies under the earth. Entry points to mounds are on the sides of hills and not in the middle like other ants.

The Problems That Stinging Insects In The Bay Area Can Cause

The main problem with stinging insects is the fact that they sting! Different kinds of stinging insects cause different levels of pain. For example, fire ants are rated at a 1.0 on Schmidt's pain index while paper wasps are much higher at a 3.0. Apart from pain, individuals who are allergic to their venom may fall into anaphylactic shock after an injection. Talk to your doctor to understand your risk.

Is DIY Stinging Insect Control Worth The Hassle?

The best way to control stinging insects on your own is to address infestations when they are small. This is not always possible. As nests grow out of control, it becomes dangerous to eliminate these pests on your own. If you do not feel absolutely confident that you can handle your problem without getting stung, we recommend leaving things to the professionals at Bay Pest.

When You Need To Call The Pest Control Professionals

If you are looking for high-quality pest control in the Bay Area, look no further than Bay Pest. We offer quick and safe solutions for stinging insect infestations. Whether you have a few fire ants in your yard or a large wasp nest in your attic, we have what you need to get and stay safe.

Call now and schedule your property for a thorough pest inspection. We will assess your risk and make sure your pest problems are handled ASAP.

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