What Smells Do The Mosquitoes In The Bay Area Hate?

Mosquito on a table.

If there were a magic pill to keep mosquitoes away, everyone would take it. In addition to being annoying, mosquitoes are dangerous spreaders of disease. But sadly, there is nothing you can take that will guarantee mosquitoes go away. Instead, there are ways in which you can deter mosquitoes. One of those ways is to use scents to keep these pests away from you or your Bay Area property. Learn more about the scents that mosquitoes hate and their effectiveness.

Using Smells To Keep Mosquitoes Away 

Not everyone likes using the harsh chemicals in mosquito repellents. If you have young children, sensitive skin, or a holistic approach to life, you probably don't want to cover yourself in DEET. To keep mosquitoes away, some people opt to use essential oils and other forms of scents. 

That said, not all scents are effective against mosquitoes. Certain smells don't do anything to deter them, while others are only somewhat effective. In research performed on mosquito-reducing scents, no conclusive evidence was found. So, using scents alone to deter mosquitoes is a gamble.

Which Scents To Use

According to one study, the oil of lemon eucalyptus is the scent that works best to deter mosquitoes. However, mosquitoes also find these other scents unappealing:

  • Citronella scent
  • Basil scent
  • Lemongrass scent 
  • Rosemary scent
  • Lavender
  • Neem
  • Peppermint

But how can these smells work to keep mosquitoes away? There are two main ways in which you can use smells to deter these pests. First, you could place these plants around your property. Keeping fragrant herbs around your patio might keep mosquitoes at bay, but none of them are 100% effective.

The second method is to rub the essential oils of these plants on your body. While slightly more effective, this method won't keep every mosquito away. It's also important to know that you need to find the right scent for you. After you apply an essential oil, it mixes with your natural scent. If one smell doesn't seem to work, you need to try another.

Safely Keeping Mosquitoes Away 

If you choose to use essential oils as a mosquito repellent, be sure to do so safely. They can go on your skin, but not on sensitive areas like your eyes. Because some oils can be hard on your skin, you might need to dilute it with water or vodka. When diluted, the oil can go in a spray bottle for easy application.

Before you use essential oil, do your research. Learn how to safely use it and store it. Then, make sure the oil won't be appealing to other pests. Keeping mosquitoes away and attracting wasps won't do you much good. Just as you would research a bug spray, research essential oils.

Using plants is safer than essential oils, but also requires a little research. Some plants are toxic to humans and pets, so be mindful of this. Consider the placement of your plants and make sure everyone will be safe.

More Effective Ways Of Mosquito Control

Although some scents deter mosquitoes, wearing essential oils or using a diffuser won't eliminate your mosquito problem. If you don't cover your whole body or the wind isn't in your favor, mosquitoes may still find you appealing. This puts you and everyone on your property in danger of a mosquito-borne illness.

There's only one truly effective way of keeping mosquitoes away - professional help. If you're tired of bug bites, contact the professionals at Bay Pest Solution. We're ready to help you.

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