Bay Area Pest Prevention Guide

Fall yard clean up.

Changing seasons and different weather patterns have an effect on people. We're now thinking about layers and staying warm. Well, all of those pests out there are thinking the same thing. Whether it's an insect or a rodent, they have no problem sneaking into your Bay area home to get those things.

In fact, it's the only thing they're thinking about. Whether it's an insect, like the common house ant or a rodent, like a field mouse, they all want shelter, food, and water and have no problem sneaking into your Bay area home to get those things. For this reason, we're covering some helpful pest prevention tips that apply to every pest so you can face the changing seasons on top instead of falling behind.

Our Pest Prevention Tips

Since the focus is on seeking the three basic needs, naturally, your focus needs to be on making your home both unappealing and inaccessible. You can accomplish both by making use of the following tips in your war against pest infestation:

  • Regular Cleaning: Pests are dirty, messy, and inclined to hide. When your home is dirty, messy, and provides hiding spots, pests end up feeling right at home. The best way to keep this from happening is to perform regular cleaning. Wipe things down. Sweep and vacuum. Practice proper storage instead of just throwing your summer/fall things in a corner. Doing these tasks will help make your home less attractive to pests. Don't forget about cleaning around and under appliances and furniture.
  • Entry Points: Those pests outside want to get inside. They do this via entry points like cracks or holes in the perimeter of your house. As such, avoiding a pest infestation could be as simple as sealing these entry points up with silicone caulk. Remember, no hole is too small.
  • A Dry House: Pests of any kind need access to moisture. Since it's likely too cold for them outside, they'll jump on any water sources you have available. Check for leaks, standing water, and other water sources to keep the pests away.
  • Landscaping: No matter what season it is, the truth is that how well maintained your yard is directly influences how pest heavy your home becomes. The wilder the yard, the more those pests are happy and will keep getting closer to your home. Keep the grass short, trim the trees and shrubs back, and store your firewood at least 20 feet away from exterior walls.
  • Inspect Everything: Deliveries for various reasons rise in number during the winter months. The more packages you have coming in, the more likely it is that the package picked up a hitchhiker. Before bringing packages inside, carefully inspect to ensure a pest didn't try to sneak in when you weren't looking.
  • Ongoing Coverage: When in doubt, you can always invest in ongoing professional pest control to remain protected throughout the season every season. Wouldn't it be nice to not have to sweat the small things? Plus, professionals have access to additional measures and tricks that you don't have.

Maximize Your Pest Prevention With Bay Pest Solution

You and your family are important and shouldn't have to be worried about your health and safety, which is exactly what is at risk when pests are allowed to run amok. With our team at Bay Pest Solution, you'll never have to worry again.

Our team tackles any immediate problems or concerns to reset your property back to zero. After that, we'll place measures to ensure those same pests don't come back. 

With over 40 years of experience, our customers know they can count on us for complete pest control from start to finish. If you're facing pest problems, then give our team at Bay Pest Solution a call to schedule a free estimate or appointment.

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