How To Get Rid Of Those Pesky Roaches Inside Your Bay Area Residence

Cockroach crawling on a sandwich.

If there’s one thing all homeowners can agree on, cockroaches are frightening pests that shouldn’t be anywhere near your home or family. These common insects are not only disturbing in appearance but also in the ways they can make people sick.

Today we’ll explain what keeps cockroaches away from residential properties and the health concerns cockroaches cause when they invade. If you’re looking for Bay Area pest control, look no further than Bay Pest. With over 40 years in the pest control industry, we have the skills and experience necessary to eliminate pest problems at their source. Contact our professionals from Bay Pest today to find out which residential pest control plan is right for you!

How To Identify Cockroaches In The Bay Area

The Bay Area is home to many types of cockroaches, including German cockroaches, American cockroaches, and oriental cockroaches. Despite their differences in appearance, all three of these cockroach species leave behind similar signs of their presence. To identify if cockroaches are in your home, keep an eye out for the following indications of roach activity:

  • Unpleasant odors in your home without an identifiable cause
  • Dark brown smear marks on your baseboards and walls
  • Oothcae, or brown, oval cockroach egg casings
  • Live or dead cockroaches out in the open
  • Dark cockroach droppings, which resemble ground black pepper or coffee grounds

If you notice any signs of cockroaches in your Bay Area home, get in touch with our professionals from Bay Pest. We’ll work with you to develop a targeted treatment plan to protect your home and family year-round.

Why Cockroach Infestations Are Such A Health Hazard

Unfortunately, a cockroach infestation is more than a simple nuisance to sweep under the rug. Instead, these pests pose a significant health risk to you and your family. Roaches are known for their unsanitary feeding habits. These pests will eat anything from decomposing garbage to sewer matter. Cockroaches pick up harmful bacteria on their legs and bodies while foraging for food. Once these pests invade your home, they bring all that disease-causing bacteria. Invading roaches can contaminate food items and spread dangerous diseases to your family. They carry cholera, dysentery, salmonellosis, and typhoid fever.

Five Naturally Effective Cockroach Prevention Tips

An effective way to reduce cockroach activity in and around your home is by removing factors that may attract these pests initially. Here are five helpful tips to naturally prevent cockroaches:

  1. Keep pet food stored away in airtight containers when not in use.
  2. Fix leaking pipes and faucets that may contribute to moisture issues in your home.
  3. Avoid leaving leftovers on your countertops and sweep up crumbs from your floors.
  4. Install door sweeps on your exterior doorways and seal gaps in your foundation.
  5. Keep your home tidy and clean to minimize hiding places and food sources for cockroaches. 

Prevention tips will help minimize the chances of attracting cockroaches but won’t eliminate an existing infestation. The best way to handle pest problems of any size is with effective cockroach control services from Bay Pest.

The Best Method For Total Cockroach Control

No matter how hard you try to protect your home and family from pests, you might still deal with pest problems around your property. The only way to receive proper protection from pests and the problems they cause is to implement an ongoing residential pest control plan from Bay Pest. At Bay Pest, we’re committed to helping homeowners eliminate all kinds of pests, including cockroaches. Whether you’ve discovered American cockroaches in your kitchen or oriental cockroaches in your basement, we have what it takes to get rid of them. Don’t hesitate to contact Bay Pest today for assistance with all of your pest management needs.

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