Why Are There So Many Mosquitoes In The Bay Area?

Mosquito biting someone's skin.

The Bay Area is an ideal environment for mosquitoes due to its mild climate, plentiful sources of standing water, and abundant vegetation. Mosquitoes are able to breed quickly in the region's warm temperatures and need only a small amount of still water in order to lay their eggs. Additionally, the area's lush foliage provides ideal hiding spots for adult mosquitoes, and ample food sources for growing larvae. Working with a Bay Area pest control company with mosquito elimination experience like Bay Pest will provide the most effective results for keeping mosquitoes out of your space.

Are Mosquitoes Good For Anything?

Mosquitoes are an important part of the Bay Area ecosystem, serving as a food source for birds, bats, dragonflies, and other small animals. Mosquitoes are essential for many ecological processes and even act as pollinators for certain plants. Despite their bad reputation, mosquitoes are actually a vital part of the natural environment.

By understanding the role of mosquitoes in nature, it is possible to make more informed decisions about how to manage their population. It is important to find the best way to get rid of mosquitoes outside to reduce the spread of mosquito-borne diseases. A local pest control company will know the best way to control mosquitoes while ensuring that ecosystems remain healthy.

The Many Diseases Mosquitoes Are Known To Spread

Mosquitoes are a common pest in the Bay Area. They can be found in ponds, marshes, and other areas with standing water. Unfortunately, mosquitoes also carry diseases that can affect both humans and animals. Mosquitoes are responsible for spreading West Nile virus and, to a lesser extent, St. Louis encephalitis in the Bay Area. Symptoms of West Nile virus may include fever, headaches, body aches, rash, and swollen lymph nodes. Symptoms of St. Louis encephalitis may include fever, headache, nausea, vomiting, and tiredness. There are many other mosquito-borne diseases that are not generally found in the Bay Area, as well.

Why Mosquitoes Bite Some More Than Others

Mosquitoes bite some people more than others for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Body chemistry can make you attractive and inviting to mosquitoes.
  • Mosquitoes are drawn to certain scents emitted from the skin which act as signals for them to feed.
  • People who produce more of certain chemicals, such as lactic acid, are more likely to attract mosquitoes.
  • Body heat and the amount of carbon dioxide exhaled can make you more attractive to mosquitoes.
  • People with a high concentration of skin pigments, like melanin or carotene, will be more visible to mosquitoes than those with lighter complexions.
  • Certain clothing and colors can also attract mosquitoes. Darker-colored clothing made from thick fabrics will cause more heat to be trapped in, making a person more attractive to mosquitoes.

Understanding what attracts mosquitoes to some people more than others will make it easier to find ways to keep mosquitoes away from your Bay Area home

How To Get Rid Of Mosquitoes On Your Property

Bay Pest has been a leading provider of mosquito control services in the Bay Area for more than 40 years. Our experienced, certified technicians utilize advanced technology to create customized service plans that will keep mosquito populations under control.

Our specialty is comprehensive treatment plans tailored to meet the needs of every customer.  We start with a thorough interior and exterior inspection and provide unlimited follow-up visits for 30 days after the initial treatment. We know the best ways to repel mosquitoes and are committed to protecting customers from mosquitoes and other insects. At Bay Pest, we provide treatments that focus on long-term results. Call us today for help and to learn more about our residential and commercial pest control services in the Bay Area. You’ll be glad you did!

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