Mice Infestations In The Bay Area Can Be A Bit Tricky To Deal With

House mouse crawling on the floor.

There are dozens of different rodents that exist throughout California, such as mice, which will enter a home seeking sources of food, water, and shelter. The two most common types of mice include the deer mouse (Peromyscus spp.) and the field or “house mouse” (Mus musculus).
Mice have adapted to living near humans and are commonly found in garages, crawlspaces, firewood piles, and other hiding spots.

As with most pests, part of prevention involves determining what do mice eat and asking what do mice hate the most? Some of the challenges that mice pose involve their excellent ability to detect the scent of a human. They also use their tiny bodies to burrow into small crevices in hard-to-reach places within the property.

Can Mice Infect Your Belongings In The Bay Area?

As mice move throughout the premises, they will leave a trail of urine and droppings, which definitely can accumulate and create significant odors. They will contaminate sources of food, utensils, dishes, and other objects that can make you sick. Mice will routinely have exposure to parasites, including fleas and ticks that can become problematic for humans and their pets.

Mice are known for carrying hantavirus, tularemia, salmonellosis, and a host of other potentially dangerous conditions that pose health risks. To make matters worse, mice are prolific breeders that will quickly expand their presence throughout the structure. They often will also create property damage such as chewing through wiring, tearing apart insulation, and leaving greasy marks along baseboards.

How do I keep mice out of my house? It is challenging because rats and mice are known for traveling through very small openings and making their way indoors. In fact, adult mice will typically squeeze through an opening that is as small as a dime.

What's The Best Mouse Control In The Bay Area?

What do mice hate the most? It is difficult to pinpoint the best deterrent; however, the mass-marketed sprays, traps, and baiting stations sold by retailers are very rarely a realistic solution. Also, some of these options might contain irritating chemical agents that create adverse reactions.

How Do Exterminators In The Bay Area Get Rid Of Mice?

What do mice eat? Unfortunately, as with most rodents, they are opportunistic and will consume the majority of foods that humans do. How do I keep mice out of my house? Some of the best tips include:

  • Look around the exterior of the structure near the base and foundation for any small openings or crevices that have developed and fill them with a weatherproof caulk or sealant.
  • Promptly repair damaged screens in windows or those that are covering vents to limit the potential for indoor access.
  • Inspect the seals around doors and windows and install sweeps or weatherstripping that is sufficient to close any gaps.
  • Practice excellent cleaning habits, particularly in kitchen areas, by sweeping up crumbs, wiping up spills, and not leaving dirty dishes out overnight.
  • Avoid placing pet food and water bowls in garages or on decks or patios.

Provider Of Effective Rodent Control Solutions

When you contact the team of professionals with Bay Pest, we will dispatch a certified expert to the property that will conduct a detailed interior and exterior inspection of the premises to determine the type of pest involved and the likely points of entry. We offer treatment options that are always backed with a customer satisfaction guarantee. In many cases, our specialists will identify other existing property conditions that make the structure vulnerable to intrusions from other types of pests.

We will effectively eliminate rats and mice from the property safely. As a local company that resides in this region, we are committed to operating in a manner that protects the local environment that we share. Our technicians receive thorough initial and ongoing training regarding the newest products and treatment methods that have been introduced to the pest control industry.

Contact us today for a consultation.

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