How To Keep Bed Bugs From Hitching A Ride Back Into Your Bay Area Home

Bed bug crawling on someone's skin.

Bed bugs are one of the most feared of all pest infestations. Bed bug infestations are very up close and personal because bed bugs need blood to reproduce. Unfortunately, you are on their menu, and bed bug infestations directly involve everyone in the home. Bed bugs take up to 20 minutes to feed and don’t like being disturbed, and thus they wait until you fall asleep before coming out to feed. They will generally look for exposed skin, and by the time they are done, they leave an obvious bite mark. You can wake up with bites that you didn’t go to sleep with, and this can lead to worry about what to do about the problem. 

Pest control in The Bay Area is critical if you want to maintain a pest-free home. If you have a bed bug problem, don’t delay. Call us as soon as possible and let us help you. We know how to treat bed bugs, and we do it right the first time.

Can You See Bed Bugs In Your Home?

Bed bug infestations can be difficult to identify at first. Bed bugs are small and tend to hide in the daytime. They are nocturnal, meaning that they generally don’t come out until nighttime. Thus, you can have a bed bug infestation without knowing about it. As the infestation grows, however, bed bugs can make their way all over your home. Bed bugs can hide behind pictures, under mattresses, under carpet edges, behind molding, behind wall plates and wall switches, in clothing, and in bedding. By the time bed bug infestations are bad enough to easily see, they have grown severe and will take considerable effort to eliminate. 

If you need bed bug control in the Bay Area, drop us a line. Bay Pest Control Inc professionals have an extensive history of eliminating bed bugs, and we can bring our years of experience to your doorstep. 

Is It Dangerous To Have Bed Bugs In My House?

Bed bugs are not venomous and they do not sting. They are also not associated with spreading harmful disease-causing pathogens like mice and rats. They do, however, bring health risks with them wherever they go. Their bites can cause severe itching and can deprive you of sleep. The thought of having bed bugs in your home can be highly unsettling and can rob you of your peace of mind. Bed bugs are also associated with severe allergies in susceptible individuals, and these can at times lead to complications severe enough to trigger hospitalization for affected individuals. Bed bug infestations do not generally only involve one individual in the household; instead, they generally tend to involve every person that lives in the same place. Bed bugs are equal-opportunity pests, and will gladly feed on anybody.

If you need to know how to get rid of bed bugs, get in touch with Bay Pest Control Inc. Our capable technicians know everything there is about bed bugs, especially how to get rid of them.

Three Things You Can Do To Avoid Bed Bugs While In Public

Bed bug removal is critical once your home has been infested. Treatments can be small and localized or, in the case of larger infestations, require whole-house solutions. One of the best ways to deal with bed bugs is to prevent infestations from occurring in the first place. Here are some tips for how to minimize your chances of getting bed bugs in the home setting:

  1. Check luggage closely for bed bugs when returning from vacations. Unfamiliar places may harbor bed bugs without you knowing about them.
  2. Check store purchases — especially secondhand purchases — for bed bugs before bringing them into your home.
  3. Inspect hotel rooms closely for signs of bed bug infestations when on vacation or when traveling.

These tips can help you avoid bed bug infestations in your home but ultimately cannot guarantee that bed bugs still won’t come to pay you an unwelcome visit. When or if that happens, call Bay Pest Control Inc. Our seasoned professionals know how to get rid of bed bugs permanently.

Call The Professionals At The First Sign Of Bed Bugs

If you have a bed bug problem, Bay Pest Control Inc stands ready to help you. Our seasoned professionals know pest control, including bed bugs, and we can help you get rid of yours. Call us today in order to get rid of bed bugs, and keep them away.

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