Are The Argentine Ants In The Bay Area Something To Worry About?

Argentine Ants swarming a cake.

There are not many downsides to living in the Bay Area. Great restaurants, great weather, and plenty of things to do are all excellent aspects of living here. One of the few downsides for property owners in the Bay Area is the threat of pest infestations. One pest that Bay Area pest companies routinely have to deal with is Argentine ants. While these ants are primarily a nuisance threat, they can be extremely disruptive and should be taken seriously.

Should I Be Worried If I See One Argentine Ant On My Property? 

While it may seem like no big deal if you see just one or a few Argentine ants around your property, it is important to take sightings seriously and act immediately at the first sign of Argentine ant activity. These ants can breed and reproduce at extremely fast rates, and a few ants can quickly become many. Argentine ant nests are often home to more than one queen ant, which is a large part of what allows them to reproduce so quickly. An Argentine ant colony on your property is a serious problem and should be acted upon immediately. 

The Problems Argentine Ants Can Cause In Your House 

Argentine ants do not sting and rarely bite, so they are mainly considered nuisance pests. However, they are still highly problematic and should be dealt with immediately. An infestation of Argentine ants will lead to ants found in virtually every room and on every surface due to the vast size of their colonies.
In addition to the disruption that finding ants crawling all over your home entails, the one significant threat that Argentine ants pose is food contamination. Like other types of ants, and most pests in general, the main attraction for Argentine ants to infest a property is a source of food. Ants can carry disease into your home as they search for any food source they can find. They then spread disease and bacteria through the food that they come into contact with. 

How To Prevent Argentine Ant Reinfestation 

Although a full-on infestation of ants will require professional pest control service to eliminate, there are ways for homeowners to reduce the chance that Argentine ants will invade and infest their home or property.  

  • Some practical ways to prevent Argentine ants from infesting your property include: 
  • Ensuring that food is properly stored, covered, and not left sitting out. 
  • Sealing any gaps or cracks in your house or any area of your property. 
  • Ensuring that garbage is tightly sealed and disposed of on a regular basis. 

If you believe you have an Argentine ant infestation on your property, don’t hesitate to reach out to the experts at Bay Pest Solution Inc. We’ll give guidance on the necessary next steps to take in order to keep your property pest-free.

How Do I Get Rid Of Argentine Ants In My Home?

While taking preventative measures on your property is an effective way to reduce the chances of an Argentine ant infestation, or any other pest, it is still possible for your property to become infested despite your best efforts. In the unfortunate event that you do find yourself dealing with an infestation of any kind, Bay Pest Solution Inc is here to help.
Bay Pest Solution Inc specializes in preventing and eliminating the variety of pests that cause trouble for homeowners in the local Bay Area, including Argentine ant control. Our expert team of pest technicians will work with you to formulate a personalized plan for your specific situation. Contact us today; we guarantee a pest-free home and offer free estimates on our services.

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