Rodents: Your Home Is Their Home

Mouse peeking through a hole in the wall.

Wherever there are people, there will always be rodents. Life never fails to make this pairing. However, if we can understand this relationship, we have a fighting chance at breaking our tie to these pesky intruders.

To unlock the solution is to evaluate two things: accessibility and supply. All animals, no matter how civilized, need the bare necessities: food, water, and air. While air is everywhere, food and water are valuable commodities that people have in spades. Unfortunately, rodents have incredibly effective means to access them, and people unknowingly maintain a nice, steady supply.

Accessibility: Breaking & Entering

Any cracks or openings (i.e. points of access) are a doorway for small critters. A few examples are openings in the wall for entering utility lines, loose outlets, air vents, drain pipes under the sink, and loose shingles on a roof. Anything at least ¼’’ in diameter is a doorway for rodents. Special attention should be given to older buildings, as years of wear and decay will increase their likelihood for infestation.

Unfortunately, rodents can also gnaw their way through wired screens, wood, and even lower grade concrete to carve out of a home for themselves. When performing an inspection, be sure to check for weak materials, as well as obvious cracks or openings.

Easy Supply: Setting Up Shop

Rodents will live on spillover food from a bird feeder, rotten leftovers in a loosely closed garbage container, and stray crumbs of pet food. Therefore, sanitation and tightly sealed containers for any source of food are the keys to preventing any pest from settling in your home. Remember, as far as containers go, your guests can squeeze through ¼’’ diameter holes, so anything equal to or bigger in size is a doorway.

Knowing why rodents have made your home their nest is helpful in guarding against infestation. With this knowledge, you can begin making your home into an unfriendly, difficult environment for rodents.

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