What To Do If There Is A Surplus Of Hornets In Your Bay Area Yard

Hornet on its nest.

As a Bay Area homeowner, you work hard to make your yard beautiful. You add all the right flowers, plant the best bushes, tailor the landscape to make use of the natural layout, and keep it trimmed and mowed to maintain a crisp, clean look that you can be proud of. Hornets, however, are not something you want. They don't make good yard ornaments, and they don't play well with others. Hornets as a group are officially classified as aggressive and may swarm you if you come anywhere near their nests. Hornet pest control can help you get your yard back.

Pest control in The Bay Area is critical if you have a hornet infestation on your property. You can count on Bay Pest to help you control hornet infestations. Call us today.

What Are Hornets?

Hornets are flying insects that can grow over an inch long. They possess venomous stings that they use to capture other insects and also to defend themselves. They are social insects that live in large colonies of individuals that have different roles. Hornets not only eat other insects but are also quite fond of plants that bear nectar. Because of this, they serve a role in the pollination of plants, just like bees. 

Hornet control in the Bay Area is necessary anytime hornets start threatening your safety and peace of mind. Bay Pest professionals know how to control hornets, and we stand ready to serve you. Drop us a line today to explore how we can help you with hornets.

What Makes Hornets So Dangerous?

Unlike some stinging insects in the Bay Area, hornets can be much more aggressive. Bees are considered docile, and it takes considerable effort to provoke them into aggression. Common paper wasps are considered non-aggressive in general, and will only become aggressive when they feel that their nest is in danger or when they feel directly threatened. Unfortunately, several different types of hornets aren't quite as tame. Hornets are generally classified as aggressive, and while they will definitely attack in defense of their nests, they will often attack you just for entering their general area. You can find yourself under attack by hornets even when you haven't directly disturbed their nest.

Let Bay Pest help you avoid insect bites and stings. We use science-based pest control techniques with a history of success, and we can help you get rid of stinging hornets.

Six No-Sweat Wasp And Hornet Prevention Tips

Given that hornets can cause you so much grief, here are some things you can do to decrease your chances of having to deal with them on your property:

  1. Seal outside garbage: Hornets love a free meal, and garbage offers it to them.
  2. Eliminate clutter: Clutter offers hornets plenty of places to build nests.
  3. Keep a clean yard: Overgrown yards are attractive to hornets.
  4. Seal your home: Eliminate easy ways for hornets to build their homes in yours.
  5. Move feeders: Moving feeders away from your home discourages pests.
  6. Eliminate standing water: Hornets tend to live close to water sources.

These tips can help you deal with hornets. They may still come to stay, however, and if they do, Bay Pest can help you with hornet control. Get in touch with us today.

The Experts To Call For A Safe Hornet's Nest Removal

Hornets are among the most concerning stinging insects in the Bay Area. Instead of trying ineffective DIY home pest control methods with hornets, call Bay Pest instead. We have decades of experience successfully treating pest infestations, and we can help you with yours.

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