Interesting Facts About The Spiders In The Bay Area

Black Widow Spider in its web.

Spiders have traditionally been portrayed in the entertainment industry as creepy and dangerous creatures. They are often assumed to be types of insects; however, spiders are actually predatory arachnids.

Are spiders everywhere throughout the U.S.? Spiders are found in all U.S. states in more than 3,000 different known species. Many different kinds of spiders will navigate their way indoors. Some of the most common types include the common house spiders, the wolf spider, the black widow spider, and the brown recluse.

Are you trying to determine how to get rid of spiders or how to deter spiders from the property? This challenging feat is best left to a seasoned pest exterminator who is properly trained and equipped to get the job done.

Do All Spiders In The Bay Area Spin Webs?

Do all the different kinds of spiders spin webs? No. Several categories of spiders do not regularly spin webs; however, they are still very effective at capturing prey. Most species of spiders are capable of generating a silky type of material, but some do not actually create webs.

Some of the types that do not spin webs include the jumping spider, goldenrod crab spider, and most types of wolf spiders.

Can a Spider Get Stuck in Another Spider's Web?

Spiders will consume other spiders. Most commonly, this involves a female eating a male. Some territorial types will invade the webs of others to capture a meal, and others will work together using the same web. Although it is possible for a spider to become entangled in the web of another, it is not common, and many spiders can generate an enzyme that breaks down the silky material if necessary.

Are Spiders In The Bay Area Dangerous Enough To Kill People?

The vast majority of spiders that are found indoors in this region pose little to no realistic human health risk; however, there are a couple of exceptions. The black widow spider is recognizable because of its shiny black appearance and red or orange-colored “hourglass-shaped” marking. The black widow may deliver a painful sting to a human that may create harmful reactions that warrant prompt medical attention.

The other potentially dangerous spider is the brown recluse, which also has a powerful venom that could pose health risks. The brown recluse is a smaller type, with a body that rarely exceeds ½ of an inch and has a distinct “violin-like” marking on its body.

What Chemical Will Kill Spiders In The Bay Area Instantly?

Have you noticed spiders everywhere around your property? This is usually the sign of a problem with insects or other types of pests that spiders consume. If you look through the internet, you will find sites that discuss fabled home remedies such as essential oils that are effective for repelling spiders. Unfortunately, most of these claims are largely folklore that is ineffective.

Retailers today also promote treatment options such as baiting stations and aerosol sprays that contain potentially harsh chemicals. In most cases, these products will merely provide short-term results that create further aggravation. Speaking with a licensed pest controller is the best way of dealing with these types of problems.

Professional Local Pest Control Company

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