The Bay Area's Most Common Mosquito Myths

Mosquito biting someone's skin.

Sitting outside, sipping a drink, and enjoying the sunset setting in the west, life couldn't be much sweeter. At that moment, all's right in the Bay Area; nothing can disturb your peace – until the invasion of mosquitoes begins. When they start buzzing, all kinds of crazy thoughts go through your mind. Will these bites itch like crazy? Will I get an incurable disease? Questions like these can cause worry, but the answers to your questions are near at hand.

Who Else Wants More Information About Bay Area Mosquitoes?

Mosquitos know how to take a fun day and make it miserable. The outdoors is their playground where they satisfy their thirst for blood. With so many species buzzing around the Bay Area, it makes it hard to keep track of them all.

Three mosquitos that frequent the Bay Area include:

  • Culex mosquito: This mosquito measures between ¼ inch to 3/8 inches; they can be hard to see because they are so small. Their slender, segmented body is gray with green, silver, white, or shiny blue scales. They have antennae, long legs, and two wings.
  • Asian tiger mosquito: These mosquitoes are around 1/8 inch. They have a slender, segmented black body with a silver-white stripe running down their back from the head down to their long legs. They can also be black and white striped. They have a set of antennae and two wings.
  • Yellow fever mosquito: This is another mosquito that measures 1/8 inch. Their body is long and segmented with a dark brown to silver with silver-white marks. These mosquitoes have six legs, a set of antennae, long legs, and a pair of wings.

Myths And Facts About Bay Area Mosquito Bites

Everyone knows that mosquitoes can leave itchy bites and are dangerous; however, some "facts" about mosquitoes are just not true!

Common myths and facts regarding mosquitoes include the following:

  • Myth: Every mosquito bites.
  • Fact: Not all mosquito species bite people. Some species specialize in biting animals and do not bother people at all. When mosquitoes do bite, it is only the female that does the feasting. Females bite because they need the proteins found in blood in order to reproduce.
  • Myth: People with fair skin are more likely to be bitten by mosquitoes.
  • Fact: People with fair skin tend to react strongly to mosquito bites. Their reaction to the mosquito's saliva makes it seem like they get bitten more than others.

Myths And Facts About Ways To Deter Mosquitos And What Diseases They Carry

People have all kinds of misconceptions about how to get rid of mosquitoes from their property. They also worry about diseases transmitted by mosquitoes when they get bit.

Answers to common misconceptions about how to remove mosquitoes and what diseases they cause are as follows:

  • Myth: All mosquitoes carry disease.
  • Fact: Out of the 170+ types of mosquitoes found in North America, only a small percentage transmit a dangerous disease.
  • Myth: Attracting bats to your property is an excellent way to reduce mosquito populations.
  • Fact: Bats prefer beetles, cicadas, and moths. While they do eat mosquitoes, it is only a paltry portion of their diet. Meanwhile, bats bring a host of problems that may compound your pest issues.

The Best Way To Keep Mosquitoes Populations To A Minimum In The Bay Area

  • Fact: The best way to keep mosquito populations down on your property is by calling the pest professionals at Bay Pest. Why waste valuable time and money on failed solutions when Bay Pest can provide a pest-free guarantee that includes unlimited follow-up treatments? Call Bay Pest today to schedule a no-risk inspection.
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