Subterranean Termite Control Made Simpler For Bay Area Homeowners

Subterranean Termite crawling on wood.

Living in The Bay Area affords visitors and residents who love endless water activities. Warm winds and sunny days provide swimming, fishing, kayaking, and canoeing opportunities. If you’re more of a land lover who prefers a stroll while viewing the sparkling waters that abound, there are plenty of trails to explore. A local pest that enjoys both soil and moisture is the subterranean termite. Without pest control in The Bay Area, these destructive home intruders could start trouble inside your home.

The Life Cycle Of Subterranean Termites

Subterranean termites are social insects that operate within a colony according to a three-tiered caste system. The most integral part of the caste system rests with the reproductives, which consist of a king, queen, and alates (winged termites, “swarmers” that leave an established colony to start a new one). Mating and populating are critical responsibilities of the king and queen. Once females have mated, they can lay up to 1,000 eggs daily to produce new offspring. While eggs are incubating, they are cared for by the worker class of the colony.

After approximately two weeks, termite eggs will hatch, producing nymphs (immature adults). Nymphs go through a series of molts before they are ready to become an active part of the caste. Once they mature, they will serve as workers, soldiers, or reproductives. The ones that become workers will look for food and maintain mud tubes and living quarters. Others will become soldiers with the job of protecting the colony. If mature nymphs are fortunate enough to become reproductives, they most likely will leave the colony, find a mate, and establish a new colony. While workers and soldiers may only live a couple of years, queens can live a long time, ensuring the continuation of their colony. Subterranean termites that have established themselves within homes are a force to be reckoned with and should get quickly removed. Bay Pest Solution Inc can help by offering emergency and same-day responses to address your needs.

The Damage Subterranean Termites Can Cause To Your Home

Subterranean termites in The Bay Area that enter homes can significantly impact wooden structures within your home over time. Because the worker caste is primarily responsible for supplying food for the colony, it works 24-7 plowing its way through cellulose (plant-based) products. Termites left untreated will soon create some concerning problems around homes.

Signs of subterranean termite damage include the following:

  • Wood sounds hollow when tapped.
  • Wood crumbles when poked.
  • Floors appear weak or sag.
  • Wood may appear blistered or dark.
  • Paint and wallpaper bubble or appear sunken-in.
  • Noticeable pin holes may appear in wood and have mounds of termite feces under them (some say it resembles sawdust).

Even one sign of active termites within homes is cause for alarm. When homeowners spot signs of a termite infestation, they should immediately call a pest professional like Bay Pest Solution Inc. Our termite treatments can stop termite activities and restore homes to their pristine and safe condition.

Natural Termite Prevention Tips For Around The Home

Subterranean termites access homes by traveling underground and often use mud tubes to bridge the gap between the soil and structures. Since they travel out of sight, it is often hard to know they’re coming, but homeowners can establish prevention measures to encourage them to go elsewhere for sustenance.

Six prevention techniques that discourage subterranean termites from entering homes include the following suggestions:

  1. Keep high moisture areas around your home well-ventilated; using a de-humidifier in moisture-prone rooms is also helpful.
  2. Routinely inspect the foundation of your home for visible signs of mud tubes.
  3. Keep a one-inch gap between any soil that comes in contact with wood.
  4. Inspect your foundation for cracks and crevices that allows access to termites and seal them off with a silicone-based caulking material.
  5. Don’t allow any standing water to accumulate around your foundations.
  6. Ensure gutters and downspouts divert water run-off well away from foundations.

While homeowners can do much to deter subterranean termites, the best prevention measures sometimes fail. When and if subterranean termites get inside your home, call in the termite specialists at Bay Pest Solution Inc. Our termite removal services in The Bay Area will eliminate termites and protect the wood that supports your home.

The Best Way To Protect Your Home From Subterranean Termites

Ultimately, the best way to protect your Bay Area home from subterranean termites is by using Bay Pest Solution Inc. Our “best in pest” reputation comes from our 40+ years of experience in the pest control industry. Our customers make our company, so we treat you like family by offering a pest-free guarantee and unlimited follow-up visits to ensure the job gets done to your satisfaction. Don’t let termite problems ruin your home; contact Bay Pest Solution Inc today to learn more about our residential and commercial pest control services in The Bay Area.

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