Help! There Are Spiders All Over My Bay Area Home!

Wolf Spider crawling on fabric.

Living in sunny California attracts many to settle in The Bay Area, which consists of San Francisco Bay and nine other counties. With the Pacific Ocean, majestic mountain peaks, and thriving, fun-filled cities, it is truly a paradise people love to call home. Whether you live in a mansion, an apartment, or a modest home, all have one thing in common - house spiders. Without pest control in The Bay Area, homeowners may notice webs appearing in multiple corners of their homes.

Interesting Facts About House Spiders

House spiders are no respecters of homes; they're content to live in any home that sustains them. With over 3,000 different kinds of spiders roaming North America, it stands to reason that a few will find their way into area homes.

Three common house spiders found in Bay Area homes include the following:

  1. Wolf spiders love the outdoors but sometimes get trapped indoors, hiding at ground level in quiet secluded areas during the day. Their activity ramps up at night when they hunt. These large hairy spiders (3/8 to 1 3/8 inches long) are dirty grayish/brown, often with light marks or stripes down their head/chest area.
  2. Black widows are also large (1 1/2 to 1 3/8 inches long), spinning irregular webs at ground level, where they hang upside down, awaiting prey. They have shiny black bodies with a red "hourglass" marking under their abdomens.
  3. House spiders are small (3/16 to 5/16 inches long), spinning tangled webs in the upper corners of homes. They're typically yellowish-brown with off-white abdomens and dark stripes.

Most people don't care what kind of spiders invade their homes; they just want them gone! Bay Pest Solution Inc can help quickly locate spider hideouts and remove them.

The Problems Spiders Can Create In Homes

For the most part, spiders in the Bay Area are more of a nuisance than a danger. So why get rid of them? One answer is fear. Spiders often cause anxiety and distress to those living inside homes. Wolf spiders are big and scary, constantly sending people shrieking and running in all directions. In addition to being scary-looking, females carry loads of babies on their backs, which often get offloaded within homes. Spider webs can also cause problems, making homes appear messy and unkempt. Another, more serious problem comes from spiders that can hurt people. Black widows have a painful bite that can cause red marks, throbbing, and swelling. Small children and the elderly can have severe reactions requiring medical attention. An overabundance of spiders in your home is cause for concern. Using spider control services in The Bay Area from Bay Pest Solution Inc can help homeowners stop spider problems before they start.

Five No-Sweat Spider Prevention Tips For Around The House

Preventing different kinds of spiders from entering your home may seem impossible. With some simple, no-sweat tips, you can set up barriers to prevent spiders from entering your home.

Five no-sweat prevention tips include:

  1. Install or replace damaged screens in windows and doors.
  2. Reduce gaps around windows and doors with weatherstripping and door sweeps.
  3. Don't stack items up against your home.
  4. Seal cracks/holes in siding, along outside walls, and around foundations.
  5. Inspect items stored outside (firewood), in sheds, or garages before bringing them inside homes.

Let's face it; spiders are tiny compared to people, so keeping them out of houses is challenging. When spiders seem to be everywhere, call in the pest professionals at Bay Pest Solution Inc. We've got the tools and 40+ years of experience to ensure quick removal from your home.

Total Spider Control For Your Home

For pest control solutions that will get rid of spiders within your Bay Area home, it's always best to call Bay Pest Solution Inc. We've been offering quality pest control services in The Bay Area since 2017. Our company dedicates itself to ensuring our customers are treated like family; therefore, resolving your pest concerns is our top priority. To get back to pest-free living, contact Bay Pest Solutions Inc today to inquire about our effective residential and commercial pest control services in The Bay Area.

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