What To Do When You Can't Get Mice Out Of Your San Jose Home

a mouse on inside on the floor

Did you know that one of the most common house invading pests is the house mouse? Other household pests, such as flies or ants may be more noticeable, but mice are also a frequent problem for homeowners in San Jose

You may not think that mice are a dangerous pest given their small size and the fact that some people find them to be cute pets. However, they actually pose many health and safety risks. There are many problems that mice infestations cause, including property damage and the spread of diseases. Despite the fact that they may be a lot bigger than most insects, they are extremely proficient at finding places to hide, which makes them difficult to identify and eliminate. 

Identifying Mice

Mice and rats can be easily mistaken for one another because they look and act in similar ways. However, there are some key differences that help observers tell them apart. The common house mouse has these identifying characteristics:

  • They have light brown or grey fur.
  • Their ears are larger in proportion to a rat’s ears.
  • Mice have tails that are longer than their bodies; rats have tails that are shorter than their bodies
  • Mice have cream or white bellies.
  • Mice are smaller than rats reaching approximately three inches in length.

Are Mice Actually Dangerous?

It’s easy to believe that mice aren’t much to be concerned about. However, there are several factors when it comes to a rodent infestation: 

  • They can spread about 35 diseases.
  • Some of the diseases they spread include hantavirus and plague.
  • Some people are allergic to their fur, urine, or feces.
  • They can cause asthma attacks.
  • Their feces can cause respiratory issues.
  • They are able to contaminate food as well as any surfaces they touch. 
  • If threatened or handled, they may bite. 

Reasons Why Mice Are Difficult To Prevent And Remove

Due to the health and safety risks caused by mice, it’s important to keep them out of your home and eliminate infestations once you realize you have a problem. However, this can be difficult as mice are a notoriously hard pest to prevent and eliminate. There are three main reasons why this is the case:

  • Mice reproduce quickly: one female mouse can give birth up to ten times per year and have up to 14 pups each pregnancy.
  • Mice can slip through small holes and cracks: while you can take steps to seal up access points around your house, it can be hard to get every crevice. Mice can get through holes the size of a dime and are professionals when it comes to hiding.
  • Many mice traps are ineffective: if you try to use mouse traps or other DIY methods, you’re only keeping some of the mice at bay. While mouse traps can get a few mice, they aren’t an effective way to completely remove an infestation.

Call In The Professionals For Complete Rodent Control

If you’re dealing with mice or other rodent problems around your San Jose home, the most effective and safest way to get total rodent control is to get in touch with the experts at Bay Pest Solution. Our services include rodent exclusion treatments that keep rodents out by sealing up holes and cracks around your home. Plus, we offer free inspections. If you have noticed signs of a mouse infestation in your home, give us a call today to learn more about how we can protect your home from these dangerous rodents!

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