What To Do About Rats On Bay Area Property

a rat crawling on moss

If we count the deaths brought on by rats during the Black Plague, these rodents stand a rather strong chance of being the deadliest pest in history. They’re big, they’re feisty, and if they invade your Bay Area property, you’re going to need ways to fight against them.

Perhaps rodents’ prolific relation to human suffering lies as a result of the species’ dependency on mankind to survive. Rats are not hunters, nor are they herbivores who can casually chew on trees or grass to survive. Like humans, rats are omnivores who consume the fruit of a plant’s labor, the meat of animals, and everything in between, but unlike other omnivores in the animal kingdom, rats don’t quite have the size or dexterity to create meals for themselves. As a result, they are left to scavenge the leftovers of bigger, more inventive omnivores, and because of this, no one is a better target than humankind.

Problems That Come Along With Rodents In The Home

There are so many different kinds of bothersome creatures out there, from parasitic pests like ticks and fleas to destructive pests such as termites and carpenter ants. What category do rats fit into best? In the professional opinion of the experts at Bay Pest Solutions, there is no better denomination for the oversized rodents than that of the problem pest. Why? Because no matter where they go or what they try to do, there are problematic side effects that are all too likely to impact the humans' rats love to live with. With the power of their oversized front teeth, rats can chew through just about anything, even metal, so even if, say, your delicate wires are encased in rubber, you’re still at risk of power shortages and electrical fires.

Rodents are often associated with being unclean, and it’s not hard to see why. Rats are perhaps one of the most diverse disease carriers in the animal kingdom, able to leave E. coli, tularemia, hantavirus, plague, and more on everything they touch — including your food. Worse yet, rodents, being bigger pests, can easily carry more than just viruses. Parasitic pests, who bring along with them even more diseases, infections, and problems, love rats, not only for providing them sustenance but transportation, so they may climb up the hosting ladder and one day feed on humans.

Tips For Preventing Rats In Bay Area Properties

Problems are made to be solved, and at Bay Pest Solution, we know exactly how to combat the problem of rodent invasions, no matter the size! One problem many homeowners overlook, however, is just how quickly a rat family can overwhelm your human one. For this reason, it is imperative to get your Bay Area property prepared with tips you can implement right away:

  • Perhaps the single most important thing you need to do in order to prevent rats from finding your home is storing your pantry foods and the like properly. Make certain all food storage containers are equipped with air-tight seals.
  • Keep your Bay Area house clean! Especially in attics or basements, areas of the home that are darker and less often inhabited by humans, empty boxes, and other clutter provide the perfect place for rats to hide away and multiply.
  • You should never leave trash bags exposed outside. Always lock them away in sealed trash containers, but if you run out of room in these canisters for whatever reason, it is always better to set an extra bag on top of a trash can, not beside it.
  • If you own a compost heap, the food scraps within it provide an appealing meal for rats. Composting within a sealable container will help keep them out.

These tips can certainly be helpful to a degree, but bar none, the safest and most effective way to prevent a rat infestation is by working with experienced professionals. In the San Francisco Bay Area, those experts work for Bay Pest Solution. Call today for comprehensive rodent prevention or treatment plan.

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