What It Takes To Get Rid Of A Flea Infestation In Your Bay Area House

flea in white fur

Most people who own pets know about fleas. Why? Because fleas are one of the biggest pest problems that pet owners face. These small bugs infest the fur of our furry friends and can spread some fairly serious diseases. Fleas are dangerous to humans as well. 

If you have never taken the time to consider these local insects, take some time to do this today. Here is everything you need to know about these pests and what to do about a flea infestation inside your Bay Area home. 

Contact Bay Pest if you need help with an active pest problem and need professional assistance. We will give you a rundown of your Bay Area pest control options and find a service plan that will best take care of fleas or other pests causing you trouble.

There Are Many Ways Fleas Can Infest Your Home

Fleas are not like other common pests in our area. They rarely invade homes by crawling through gaps, holes, or other openings. Instead, they look for furry animals to feed on. Most of the time, a flea's goal is not to break into your home. They just happen to be on the backs of cats, dogs, and other creatures that come inside. Once indoors, fleas will hop off and find shelter in other areas between meals.

It is important you know that fleas in The Bay Area do not need pets to get indoors. They regularly use wildlife invaders like rats, mice, and squirrels to invade. In fact, this is where many infestations start. 

To make sure fleas and the pests they ride in on stay out of your home, take some time to repair and seal up any entry points they might use to get inside. We also recommend investing in some form of flea control for your furry friends. 

Fleas In The Home Are A Health Hazard

There is no denying that fleas are annoying pests, especially when they are biting frequently. What you might not know is that these insects are also a serious threat to you, your family, and your pets. 

Now, not all fleas are dangerous; only ones that pick up blood-borne viruses from infected humans and animals. Some of the most common diseases that fleas carry and spread include murine typhus, tungiasis, and tularemia. These small insects also spread sickness to dogs, cats, and other pets. Canine bartonellosis and flea-related dermatitis are two health issues commonly spread by fleas to pets. 

If you want to avoid getting sick, you need to avoid flea bites. The best way you can do this is with professional pest control. 

Why It's So Hard To Get Rid Of A Flea Infestation On Your Own

If you notice live fleas, flea dirt, or other signs of fleas on your pets or around your home, do not try to handle these pests on your own. We say this for a few reasons. 

First, fleas are dangerous. If you cannot control them fast, they might cause serious problems for you and your family. Second, flea control is difficult to implement and can be dangerous to humans and pets when used improperly. Third, trying to learn about flea control and how to implement it properly is a process that can be very stressful. 

If you want a solution to these pests but do not want the additional stress of facing these pests alone, let us pay you a visit. Our team at Bay Pest is licensed and trained to deal with all sorts of invasive species. 

The Best Way To Completely Get Rid Of A Flea Infestation

No one should have to live with a flea infestation. If you suspect these pests are inside your home, take a moment today to learn about your options for control. Our qualified technicians at Bay Pest offer detailed options to combat these insects and will be more than happy to help you identify and treat an active infestation.

While we treat your home, you can take steps to make sure your pets get the flea treatments they need., which might involve flea baths, flea collars, or other methods recommended by your veterinarian. Just know that we are here to assist you through this process and will do everything in our power to find the best solution to fleas or other pests causing you trouble.

Call Bay Pest now to learn more about our professional home pest control offerings and schedule an appointment for your Bay Area home.

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