Answering The Bay Area's Most Common Oriental Cockroach Questions

Oriental Cockroach crawling on wood.

Unless you're an experienced pest control professional, you probably have a few questions about Oriental cockroaches in the Bay Area. We're here to answer those questions and help you protect your home from these unwanted pests. Read over the Oriental cockroach FAQ to get the answers you need.

What Do Oriental Cockroaches Look Like?

Typically, you can identify this cockroach by its color. Oriental cockroaches tend to be shiny, black and reddish-brown, and grow to about 32 mm long, but these cockroaches aren't as long as the American cockroach. Males tend to be smaller than females and have shorter wings. If you see the last few segments of the cockroach, you can be sure you're looking at a male.

Female oriental cockroaches have no wings, but they do have wing pads. Those pads cover their bodies completely. Neither the male nor female roach of this species can fly. 

How Do You Identify An Oriental Cockroach?

If you find a cockroach in your home, there are a few things you can look for to identify it as an oriental cockroach. For one, you should look for dark coloration. Many other types of cockroaches are lighter in color, while adult oriental cockroaches tend to be black. Oriental roaches also have a more glossy appearance than other local cockroaches. 

The size is another giveaway. Oriental cockroaches are larger than German cockroaches in the Bay area but smaller than American cockroaches. Of course, size alone won't tell you which cockroach you have around. How they move could also give you a clue as to the species; oriental cockroaches are slow and not very agile. 

Are Oriental Cockroaches Dangerous? 

While you might think of a cockroach as a particularly dangerous pest, it is one you should fear. They might not bite often or have the ability to sting, but oriental cockroaches carry diseases. Like other types of local cockroaches, Oriental roaches can make you very sick.

Oriental cockroaches hang out in filthy places. As they do, these pests pick up nasty bacteria. When cockroaches come into your home, they drag the bacteria with them. This puts your health in danger, as well as the health of everyone else in your home. 

How Do You Get Rid Of Oriental Cockroaches? 

Once you have oriental cockroaches in your home, getting rid of them is challenging. They reproduce at a surprisingly fast rate. In only a short time, you could have a large cockroach infestation. This makes eliminating every cockroach crucial, as leaving some behind won't resolve your problems. 

It's also difficult to eliminate these roaches because they tend to hide. If you don't know where to look, you can't possibly eliminate them. Most DIY methods of cockroach removal are ineffective. For the best results, you should take steps to make your home less appealing to these roaches. Additionally, you should call an expert for immediate assistance. 

Are Oriental Roaches Hard To Get Rid Of? 

For the reasons mentioned above, Oriental cockroaches are difficult to eliminate. Instead of battling an infestation, you're better off using preventative measures to protect your property. This means sealing up potential entry points, cleaning regularly, and doing a deep clean when necessary. Because oriental cockroaches are drawn to moisture, they seek out moist environments; address these moisture issues, and you may be able to keep them outside.

If you find Oriental cockroaches in your Bay Area home or you want to prevent them from entering in the first place, there's only one thing left to do: contact our professionals at Bay Pest Solution! We're standing by and happy to help you.

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