Are You Struggling With Ant Control Techniques In The Bay Area?

ants invading a yard

Ants are filthy pests that cause structural damage to homes and lure other pests into the house as well. It's important to keep ants away from your property to ensure your family and pets stay safe and healthy. Read on to learn more about how to prevent an ant infestation and how professional pest control can help. 

The Importance Of Regular Ant Control Treatments

Routine ant pest control is essential, as ant infestations can be a major cause for concern. Although these bugs are mainly nuisance pests, they can cause home damage, spread harmful diseases, and invite other pests into your home. Carpenter ants tunnel through the wood beneath your walls and cause similar structural damage to termites. If left undetected, carpenter ant damage can result in extensive home repairs.
Ants carry and spread diseases as they crawl across filthy surfaces, like animal feces and garbage. If ants gain access to your food or kitchen countertops, they can easily leave bacteria and germs behind, making you and your family sick. Ants may also bite from time to time and cause injuries. Fire ants, in particular, have powerful, painful bites that can result in the need for emergency medical attention. Lastly, an ant infestation is an invitation for other pests, like spiders who feed on them, to invade your home as well.

Should I Kill Ants I See Around My Home?

While it's tempting to try to kill the ants around your home, the most effective ant control is to take preventive measures instead. Here are several ways you can keep ants away from your home:

  • Seal all cracks and holes in exterior walls.
  • Repair or replace broken screens in windows and doors.
  • Diffuse essential oils like peppermint and tea tree, or mix a couple of drops of oil in a spray bottle filled with water and spray throughout your home.
  • Keep your kitchen clean by wiping down countertops regularly.
  • Sweep or vacuum your home as often as possible.
  • Keep food stored in airtight containers with locking lids.
  • Avoid leaving dirty dishes in the sink.
  • Keep garbage in a sealed receptacle and empty the trash as soon as the can is full. 

When do-it-yourself ant control solutions fail, it might be time to contact an exterminator like Bay Pest.

Is It Safe To Spray Store-Bought Ant Spray In My Home?

Store-bought ant sprays often do more harm than good. Many formulas contain dangerous chemicals that are toxic to people and pets. Spraying these products throughout your home may negatively impact your family's health over time. Experts believe some of the chemical agents can cause cancer and organ damage. If you need to use a spray, it's best to go with an eco-friendly alternative or create your own using essential oils.
Another problem with using over-the-counter ant spray is that it's not usually effective. Ants are a resilient species, and they may outsmart you if you don't know what you're doing. A phenomenon known as "budding" may occur if ants feel they are in danger. Budding is when an original ant colony splits off into a secondary colony in the act of self-preservation. If colonies continue to split, it could exponentially increase the number of ants in your home. What seemed like a good form of pest control could actually compound the problem. For stubborn ant infestations, it's best to turn to a trusted source of pest control in the Bay Area like Bay Pest.

Solving Nuisance Ant Problems In The Bay Area

For top-quality ant control in the Bay Area, contact Bay Pest. Our team has been keeping local homeowners pest free for over 40 years. Our pest-free guarantee includes unlimited follow-ups to make sure ants never return. We also offer same-day emergency services for your convenience. To learn more about how we can help, call us today.

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