Help! What To Do About Mosquitoes Invading Your Bay Area Property

mosquito biting skin

Attempting to enjoy the outdoors while mosquitoes eat you alive must rank high on the list of the most unpleasant experiences. Nothing is more frustrating than repeatedly swatting away and smacking parts of your body to prevent another insect bite.

Your reliable pest control in the Bay area understands this annoyance and is ready to offer you some insect relief this summer. At Bay Pest Solution, our qualified team of professionals delivers the most effective mosquito control treatments in and around your property. Although very tiny, mosquitoes aren’t entirely harmless, and some can transmit several diseases to people. Read further to learn more about the mosquito lifecycle and different ways to keep them away from you.

What Are The Different Mosquitoes In The Bay Area?

The culex pipiens, better known as the northern house mosquito, is the main culprit responsible for biting and irritating our Bay Area residents. Thanks to our warm and sunny fall season, this species likes to grace us with its presence almost year-round. So, from May to November, it is a sure bet that any mosquito bites you experience come courtesy of the northern house. Contact your local pest control near you for assistance with controlling mosquitoes in the Bay Area, specifically around your property.

Lifecycle Of Mosquitoes Explained

Mosquitoes go through four distinctive lifecycle stages, which include:

  1. Egg: Females lay eggs on or near water.
  2. Larva: Larvae emerge from eggs after the water covers them completely.
  3. Pupa: Pupae develops until the newly formed flying adult leaves the water.
  4. Adult: After emerging, will find appropriate food sources depending on their sex. 

The entire lifecycle process, starting with an egg and ending as an adult, takes approximately eight to ten days. Adult female mosquitoes will immediately search for a blood meal from humans or animals to reproduce. Adult males will feed on the nectar from flowers.

Four Things You Can Do To Avoid Mosquitoes

Trying to avoid mosquitoes while outdoors for lengthy periods is one of the most significant challenges most people face during the summer season. It’s a never-ending game of let’s see who can make it through the entire day without getting bitten. And since staying all summer indoors with the windows closed is not an option, you do whatever you can to avoid becoming a mosquito’s afternoon snack. Luckily, there are some steps you can take to minimize your exposure to mosquitoes while still enjoying the hot summer sun. Take a look at the four proactive steps you can take to save your skin: 

  1. Do use mosquito repellent that contains DEET.
  2. Do wear light-colored clothing.
  3. Do dump or drain any stagnant water around your home.
  4. Do avoid being outdoors during dusk or dawn.

The best thing you can do is avoid being out at the worst time of day for mosquitoes, which is during their prime feeding times. Of course, if you have to be out during those hours, take some other precautions to protect yourself.

Enough Is Enough... When To Consider Professional Mosquito Control

There is no reason to spend another summer dealing with constant mosquito bites if you don’t have to. Backyard festivities are always more fun when no mosquitoes are around to ruin the merriment. That’s why bringing on a professional pest control service to keep mosquitoes away from your home is the greatest way to salvage your sanity and skin.

At Bay Pest Solution, Inc, we have been obliterating mosquito scourges in the Bay Area for well over 40 years and counting. Our friendly, highly trained technicians use the best pesticide for mosquitoes to ensure your outdoor living spaces remain comfortable and insect-free. Let our experienced team of professionals assist you with your pest control needs. Reach out to us today to request your free, no-risk inspection.

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