Why Bed Bugs Like The Bay Area Homes

a bed bug on the skin

Bed bugs are one of the most prolific pests in Bay Area homes, which means that proper bed bug control and proactive prevention are necessary. Our guide below tells you where to look for bed bugs and what to do about this troublesome pest.

What Are Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs are tiny insects that are dark brown or reddish in color. They are no larger in size or shape than an apple seed, and while many individuals believe that bed bugs only happen in dirty homes, this pest can invade anywhere. They are highly skilled at moving from location to location, and their small size makes them difficult to detect until it is much too late. Both businesses and homes, clean or cluttered alike, are at risk from this pest.

Where Do Bed Bugs Come From?

It is essential to know the answer to ‘where do bed bugs come from?’ if you want to understand how to get rid of bed bugs. In general, bed bugs will hitchhike around from different hotspots, such as hotels, train stations, schools, and libraries. These areas are considered hotspots due to the number of people that pass through them regularly – it makes it easy for bed bugs to jump from one host to another. When in these bed bug hotspots, there are a few tips you can follow to prevent picking up this pest:

  • Refrain from putting luggage or your clothing directly on the ground in any accommodation area. You should use a luggage rack or other elevated surface to ensure that the bed bugs cannot climb into your suitcase overnight.
  • When traveling, consider vacuum-sealing your clothes so that bed bugs cannot climb into them even if they manage to enter your luggage. Upon returning from a trip, immediately wash all clothes in hot water to kill any potential hitchhikers.
  • Before taking a seat in an office, school, library, or public transit, run a gloved hand or a credit card along seams in furniture and any gaps or cracks in the wall. Any reddish stains that you see or bed bug bodies that emerge indicate an infestation. Before use, you should also carefully check beds in sleeping areas for signs of bed bug bodies or reddish staining.

Another major way that bed bugs will infiltrate your home is by purchasing second-hand furniture or appliances that are already infested. Before moving these items into your home, there are a few things that you should look out for:

  • Place all second-hand items on a white sheet outside of your home after purchase. Leave them out for several hours or overnight. If you see bed bug bodies or reddish staining on the sheet, the items are infested and should not be used.
  • Use a gloved hand, credit card, or flashlight to check the cracks in appliances or seams of furniture. If you find reddish staining or unearth bed bug bodies, you should not use the item.

Can Pest Control Kill Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs are tough to prevent, so if you end up with bed bugs in your home, a call to the professionals at Bay Pest Solution is needed. Pest control to kill bed bugs is safe and effective and can help you completely rid your home or business of an infestation of this nightmare pest. Contact Bay Pest Solution today for more advice or timely bed bug control assistance.

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