What You Ought To Know If You Have Mites On Your Bay Area, CA Property

a mite crawling on a leaf

Wildlife can certainly be destructive and dangerous. This doesn’t mean they are a greater threat than bugs though. These creepy crawlers are small but mighty. Sometimes, they are even more lethal. Many species harbor potent germs and can transmit diseases. This is in addition to being able to bite or sting people. Several are hard to detect, like mites.

Mites are arachnids and related to spiders. While they don’t have venom, they can do some major harm in the Bay Area, CA. Since they are nearly microscopic and can reproduce at an alarmingly fast rate, these bugs are difficult to control. Most people don’t know anything about them, including where they come from and how they operate. This can complicate prevention. Learn more about mites now and how Bay Pest can lend a hand. 

What Do Mites Look Like? What Are the Risks?

Once more, mites are very tiny. They’re about 0.03 of an inch long, which is like the head of a pin. All adults have eight legs, with no wings or antennas. Regarding color, many are white. Some shift to black, gray, or red after feeding. Their flattened, oval bodies may have fine hairs. Perhaps their most notable feature is their piercing mouth parts, which they use to eat. Among the things they consume are:

  • Animal blood
  • Plant materials
  • Organic matter
  • Human and pet dander
  • Proteins
  • Dry goods

Multiple mite species thrive and reside outdoors, but they can make their way inside your home or business. They can enter through vents or cracks in foundations. You can unknowingly bring them in with packaged food, potted plants, storage items, clothes, and other belongings they’ve infested. Another avenue is by animals, such as a domestic pet, farm chicken, or exterior pest. They could be on the bodies of these creatures, withdrawing their blood. Mites will flourish in a humid environment and tend to breed during warmer months.

Mites are worrisome for several reasons. Given their activities, your crops, yard, or gardens may be ruined. Your health could be on the line as well. Pantry items are bound to be contaminated. If you’re bitten by these pests, you might experience skin irritation. Incessantly scratching itchy areas frequently leads to cuts open to bacteria. Subsequently, a secondary infection can arise. Mites are linked to disease, pathogens, asthma attacks, and allergic reactions. This is especially true in relation to their shells and waste.

How Can You Prevent Mites?

Mites may seem impossible to ward off, but it can be done. It will require a combination of cleaning practices, lawn care maintenance, and an examination of goods. Perform the following tasks:

  • Trim grass and greenery regularly
  • Keep shrubs, plants, and flowers a couple of feet away from the property
  • Avoid over-planting landscaping vegetation
  • Inspect outdoor things and second-hand gear before pulling them inside
  • Don’t purchase groceries with torn or ripped wrapping
  • Routinely dust surfaces, and vacuum clean carpeting and furniture
  • Use plastic bug proof covers for mattresses, and change your linens often
  • Control warmth with a dehumidifier or air conditioner
  • Make sure pet and animal zones stay neat
  • Look over your animal’s coat

What Will Bay Pest Do About Mites?

A comprehensive approach is needed to defeat mites and lots of other critters, which is why we prioritize it at Bay Pest. We have options for both the interior and exterior. Our skilled technicians will employ advanced techniques and treatments to solve your issues. You can customize your service plan with us, which contains free cancellations and follow-up visits. Don’t wait another second! A free inspection awaits you when you call us today at Bay Pest! 

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