The Best Way To Keep Rodents Out Of Your Bay Area, CA Business

a mouse crawling in leaves

Sometimes pests accidentally wander onto your land, with no real intention of being near you. In other instances, they desire to be in your space. This is the situation with rodents; they’re dependent on people for the shelter, food, and water they require.

Rodents invade Bay Area, CA businesses just as they do homes, especially those in the meal industry. If people see the critters, it could ruin your establishment’s reputation. Beyond this, these animals can bring about illness and damage property. Learn more about how you can avoid rodents with help from Bay Pest.

What Rodents Are Common in the Bay Area? What Are the Dangers?

Among the various rodent species in the region, house mice and Norway rats are quite prevalent. House mice are known for violating dwellings. They have short black, brown, or gray fur. Lighter tones are on their abdomen. As it pertains to size, they are 7 inches long. These pests tend to hide in structural voids, cabinets, basements, and the like. Any low-traffic spot that’s humid and dark will be suitable for them.

Norway rats are wreckers of landscaping, as they forge tunnels and burrows in the soil. This will provide passageways to the interior of your establishment, particularly if the foundations are aged or weak. It will be hard to miss these animals because they are 15 inches long with 7-inch tails. Further, their brown or gray hair is very unkempt.

Typical signs of infestation are:

  • Seeing these nocturnal creatures in broad daylight
  • Hearing noises behind walls, like scratching and squeaking
  • Finding footprints and/or droppings
  • Discovering stains along walls and edges that are oily

If your business is close to a wooded or grassy zone, be prepared to confront rodents. These pests will no doubt be a detriment, should there be an infiltration. Since their teeth are constantly growing, they chew on wires, pipes, and walls to file them down. Electrical fires and outages, plumbing faults, and cosmetic injuries can all occur as a result. The potential hazards and expenses to recover from these events will be great.

Moreover, there are health risks that come with rodents. You or someone else can be bitten or scratched. A plethora of parasites and bacterial cells are in their hairs. Their urine, feces, and saliva have tons of microbes as well. Making matters worse is the fact that they often run through trash piles, sewers, streets, and other dirty locations. They are bound to collect additional germs and bring them into your place. Food and surfaces will be contaminated. Sicknesses like leptospirosis, hantavirus, and salmonella can be spread.

What Are Ways to Prevent Bay Area Rodents?

You probably won’t have to combat rats and mice at the same time, but your prevention efforts will be similar:

  • Patch up gaps in windows, doors, and foundations with steel wool. Rodents can get past small holes.
  • Keep doors closed when not in use.
  • Repair moisture glitches and leaks right away.
  • Vacuum rugs, and sweep and mop floors often.
  • Thoroughly clean dining and kitchen areas on a routine basis. This includes washing dishes and getting behind appliances.
  • Use airtight containers for food and garbage storage. Wipe up spills promptly.
  • Get rid of clutter and any standing water.
  • Regularly cut the grass and trim greenery. Sit plants two feet from the property.
  • Flush gutters and drains frequently.

How Will Bay Pest Handle Rodents?

Traps and other commercial products will only be mildly useful, killing just individual rodents. It’s also important to note that some avenues can be noxious. It’s a wiser and safer choice to contact us at Bay Pest. We have industry-standard one-way doors, baits, glue boards, and exclusion tools to eliminate these creatures long-term. Insulation removal and sanitizing services are available. Call us today at Bay Pest for a free inspection!

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